FujiFilm's Finepix Real 3D dual-lensed camera allows 3D imaging and more

Photokina is on, the world's largest trade show for photography, and as per usual it's filled mostly with incremental trifles, minor upgrades to existing products, and products aimed squarely at the professional market. Here's something that is none of the above: FujiFilm's new "Finepix 3D" technology, a dual-lens imaging system that will take 3D stereoscopic images and display them on special 3D LCD panels. It's the latest iteration of an old technology, but FujiFilm's intention to put it in consumer-grade cameras is noteworthy. Also of note: some of the ideas that FujiFilm has considered possible in cameras with two lenses. From the press release:
• Simultaneous Dual Image Shooting: (Telephoto and Wide Angle) • Simultaneous Dual-Image Shooting (film modes) • Ultra-Wide Panoramic Shots Shooting • Movie-Still Simultaneous
Point-and-shoot cameras have been stagnant for the last few years — anything that livens up the market is okay by be, even if it will be at best a fun novelty. No official products have yet been announced save the 8.4-inch "FinePix Real 3D Photo Frame", fitted with the shuttering LCD panel that makes 3D image viewing possible without special glasses. (A similar, smaller LCD panel will be on the back of the cameras once they are released.) FinePix Real 3D press release [DPreview.com via Engadget]
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4 Responses to FujiFilm's Finepix Real 3D dual-lensed camera allows 3D imaging and more

  1. Alison Scott says:

    I am agog with delight.

    Vamidus: the headaches are normally caused not primarily by the shutter effect, but by rubbish alignment of 3D pictures — either because the pictures are different sizes, orientation, vertical alignment, or taken at slightly different times so that things have moved. For video, you also get the issue that the video needs to be time-synchronised.

    Fuji’s addressing all of those points; matched lenses removes much of the requirement to align photos (or rather, you can align by the same amount on every shot), 0.001s syncrho removes most of the time-syncro problem (though you still are not going to be able to take 3d action movies), and they’re going to align in-camera so that people will never see the dodgy shot, even in the 3d viewfinder.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its not a shutter system – its lenticular.

  3. vamidus says:

    The shuttering LCD 3D tech is great, but may cause headaches.

  4. loganbouchard says:

    screw HD, i’d rather have 3D be the new standard! HD is way overrated.

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