The Top 10 "Top 10 iPhone Flaws" lists

You'd think iPhones were everywhere, a Kudzu of silicon spreading through the last creditworthy coatpockets on planet Earth, given the furious coverage it gets. We shall live with its vices and its virtues, yea– but not without warning. We have the Internet to inform us of its myriad flaws, its failures and foibles! Again and again and again has it told us. Boy, has it ever told us. 10b: Top 10 Annoying Things About iPhone [Wired News] With a tip of the hat to Mr. Gadget's own list (see below), Wired's Brian Chen boils them down to the ten worst and adds a few considered suggestions of his own. Topping the list is "Terrible Battery Life," citing tests by Anandtech and offering recommendations to extend it, most of which involve turning important things off. 1. Poor Battery Life 2. Gimped BlueTooth 3. Gimped Outlook support 4. No Cut and Paste 5. Crap camera 6. Crap data plan in Australia 7. No voice dialing 8. No webcam 9. No handwriting recognition 10. Crap GPS The bonus entries comprise the lack of landscape keyboard support in non-web apps, lack of multimedia text messaging, and buggy software. Chen's list is confident and succinct: if it wore a moustache, it would be perfectly groomed. 10a: 10 of the Most Annoying Things about the iPhone [Mr.Gadget] Mr. Gadget's list goes on and on and on, stretching to a practical infinity in blogging terms: 1,400 words! His top 10 is the same as Wired's, but goes into exhaustive depth. Even Steve Jobs would be hard-pressed not to fling his glassy slab into a lake after this thorough denunciation of his product. 9. Top 10 Reasons the New iPhone 3G Still Sucks! [List after List] A List after List poster plunges into it with a brusque, no-nonsense attitude. No time for hedge-sitting preliminaries here! Just a list of blunt complaints, including the intriguing, philosophically recursive "7. The list goes on." The intellectual challenge continues when this "top 10" list proceeds to 13 entries. 1. Too expensive. 2. Crap GPS 3. No tethering 4. No cut and paste. 5. Crap camera 6. Gimped Bluetooth. 7. "The list goes on." 8. No Flash 9. No MMS 10. No voice dialing 11. No TV 12. Can't replace battery 13. No flash card slot 8. Top 10 Did-Not-Make-The-Cut Apps Or Otherwise Sucky Things That Are iPhone Related or Maybe Stuff That’s Really Not That Sucky But Bring The List Up To Ten Anyway [Crazymokes] Balanced unerringly between praise and dismay, Amy at Crazymokes ultimately takes a refreshingly software-focused angle in her report on the iPhone's myriad unpleasantnesses. 1. Check calculation application sucks 2. Calendar sucks 3. No Cut and Paste 4. Adding contacts is annoying 5. Gimped syncing 6. No webcam 7. Calender really sucks 8. YouTube app sucks 9. Clock sucks 10. Notes sucks 11. Stocks sucks 7. Top 10 reasons Why, to buy iPhone in India is Not a Win Win Situation and Seemingly bad idea [Dynamic Disruption] It is in India, land of elephants and the scent of sandalwood ashes, that we find ourselves on our first international excursion. With resolve and tolerance, the unnamed author says he was prepared to accept the lack of Flash, user-replaceable batteries and other well-known flaws. But there are 10 more ills to contend with, each of greater import. 1. Local carriers suck 2. It will be too expensive for India 3. No 3G in India 4. No iTunes in India 5. No decent internet at all in India outside fancy cities 6. Locked to carrier 7. "No Widgets for us we're Indians." 8. No-one has WiFi Issues 9 and 10 do not appear to be criticisms, and so have been removed. The conclusion, though, is laser-guided: "our Plan is to first build the Tire-Swing and then construct a park around it?" 6. Top 5 Worst Things About The iPhone [Wired] Who wrote this brilliant, incisive list of critical flaws within a day of the device's original announcement back in January, 2007? Give that man a cigar. Really. 1. AT&T sucks 2. Not enough storage 3. Can't replace battery 4. No 3G. (Note: fixed bin the second coming of iPhone) 5. No hardware keyboard 5. Apple iPhone desperately needs Cut and Paste functionality [IntoMobile] I see what you did there, Will of IntoMobile! The sneaky devil has no use for the rambling anathemata of his colleagues. His list offers but a single, all-important entry: 1. No Cut and Paste And right you are, sir. 4. Mobile phone architect lists 10 iPhone problems [ZDNet] Willie Lu, a 15-year veteran of the mobile phone business, offers up the most steeple-fingered entry in our roundup of Top 10 Top 10 iPhone flaw lists. His selections are not merely problems, he writes: they are documented problems. 1. Closed Wireless architecture sucks. iPhone should open it up, but won't. 2. Wireless transmission efficiency is very low. iPhones should include magic radios. 3. iPhone potentially susceptible to viruses and other complex data attacks based on frame-by-frame transmission standards and explotation of frame error rate bottlenecks. 4. AT&T sucks 5. Apple's exposure to lawsuits is humungous and no-one sees it yet 6. Carrier-locked 7. Too expensive. 8. Closed software ecosystem. 9. iClones will quickly be superior 10. Hype 3. iPhone 3g Flaws [Dude Toyota Rocks] Why write when you can make a blurry video of yourself playing around with an iPhone on YouTube? Correspondent DudeToyotaROCKS boils it down the three attributes most ripe for censure. 1. Battery life sucks 2. No flash on camera 3. No MMS Chimes in top commenter Hoarp001: "Also you cant copy and paste..." Rival YouTubery comes courtesy of NewMacGeek. What is it with Europeans and MMS? I don't even know what that is. 2. Top 10 reasons to hate the iPhone 3G [APCmag] A strong personal touch and a warning not to post angry comments introduces Dan Warne's systematic perusal of the iPhone 3G's shortcomings. A creative note creeps in early – the lack of a decent camera tops his roundup, followed by the lack of Flash – but the classics are out in force. It is with his final entry, however, that Warne sashays into action: "Stunning hypocrisy," comes in at number 10, nailing Apple's failed BlackBerry clone, MobileMe, in a neat tweak of the corporate nipple. 1. Crap camera 2. No Flash 3. No Instant Messaging 4. Crap international data 5. Gimped BlueTooth 6. No Cut and Paste 7. Can't replace battery 8. No MMS 9. Crap GPS 10. "Stunning Hypocrisy" 1. 50 iPhone problems [PC Advisor] Top spot in our Top 10 Top 10 lists goes to PC Advisor's epic, 50-entry execration of Apple's technological indulgences, ready to be nailed to Cupertino's door like the theses of Luther. Here are the first ten: 1. Crap touchscreen 2. Gimped web apps 3. No web cache 4. Cannot browse file system 5. No Flash or Java 6. Mail sucks. 7. Yahoo Mail sucks on it. 8. Proximity sensor sucks 9. RF leakage 10. Speakerphone sucks Many of the rest are trivial ("Substantial delay for new voicemail notification") or demented ("Safari doesn't try to reformat web page for convenient viewing like Windows Mobile"), but all of them deliver. Bonus Lists: Not had enough? But we've already gone past our quota! Try 6 Major Flaws in iPhone. Will Consumers Still Spend the Money?, from Smartmoney, or The iPhone: Lots to Love, but Flaws Too, from PC World. Coming soon: Top 10 Top 10 rebuttals to top 10 iPhone flaw list list lists. If we're lucky, the universe will break at 255 levels of recursion, before they switch the Large Hadron Collider back on.

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35 Responses to The Top 10 "Top 10 iPhone Flaws" lists

  1. Skwid says:

    After a month with the phone, my chief complaint isn’t mentioned anywhere above:
    No user-editable tones for e-mail and SMS!

    Seriously…except for battery life (which was definitely improved via 2.1), I’m not really bothered by any of the above issues, but I really don’t care for any of the SMS tones, and the e-mail one is just dull.

  2. Matthew Walton says:

    MMS is an astonishing thing to leave out of ANY phone with a camera – particularly one with a screen like that. I use it all the time. When it first turned up I had no idea why I might want it, but now having had it for a number of years I wouldn’t want to be without it.

    What else is the camera in your phone for, anyway?

  3. dblandin says:

    After the 2.1 Update I’ve found the battery life of the iPhone 3G to be nothing short of impressive considering its power and speed. I can’t imagine using an iPhone without 3G capabilities. I spend most of my time in Chicago, close to downtown, and usually have no trouble acquiring a 3G signal. Enough with the battery complaints. They were valid pre-2.1, but now (I have no idea how) that problem has seriously lost a #1 con standing.

  4. Best Bang for Buck says:

    I like iphones very much. I saw the things you listed here which are annoying about iphone but after all that I still say I phones are the best phones ever made so far.

  5. Narual says:

    “what is it with Europeans and MMS?” — Rob, have you never had a ladyfriend decide to send you an inappropriate photo from the camera on her phone while you were in a risky yet exciting place to view it? Only, of course, to remember you’re using one of the most sophisticated phones on the market, and it can’t do what a friggin free phone can do and show you her naughty bits via the phone… you have to navigate to a website that may or may not work at any given time, and may or may not work on the iphone if it works in the first place…

  6. monopole says:

    You left out the best criticism ever of the iPhone:
    The iPhone is a piece of shit

  7. Nile says:

    Seriously, you could start your own ‘Top 10 things I hate’ list on the Safari mobile browser, all on its own, and be well into double figures on the bugs and design flaws inside ten minutes.


    Top ten things I hate about the Safari browser on the iPhone

    1. It’s not a mobile browser. Ok, I’m going to repeat that, because everyone reading it just said “It’s on a mobile device, of course it’s a mobile browser”… It’s not a mobile browser. If it was, it would be network-aware, designed for and responding to the frequent and predictable problems of poor bandwidth and intermittent outages by selective loading: on detecting a low bit rate it would refuse to load images over a certain size, ditto flash objects, hold a default stylesheet in reserve if the site attempts to serve a monster style full of images, and load the page progressively rather than disappearing in a huff if everything doesn’t come through and you hit ‘stop’.
    2. 2

    3. There is no concept of cacheing: ‘back’ means ‘reload the page’ because it’s gone, never existed, and has to be downloaded from scratch… And, judging by the reload times, there’s no image cache or saved objects: reloading takes just as long as the first visit. Again, we’re talking about about a mobile device hosting a browser for always-on broadband connection.
    4. 3

    5. Someone at Apple likes reloading. Hey, I’ll capture the page, read it later… No I can’t, waking up the iPhone and opening the browser clears the page and forces a reload. Just what I wanted when I’m indoors, or on the Metro… And there’s no cacheing: that page is GONE. Well, that was nice if I was replying to something on a blog, got distracted for a moment, and the phone went on standby! Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t happen: I have no idea why I’m occasionally lucky and can reopen the page deep underground, and I’m left suspecting that a badly-conceived feature was badly-implemented and is ‘working’ intermittently because of a bug.
    6. 4

    7. It’s a single-window, single-pane browser. I’ll wait a moment for the spluttering to subside: yes, I read the manual too and you can – apparently – have eight windows open… But lets take a closer look at that: loading a slow page in Window #1, maybe you should hop over to read yesterday’s BoingBoing in Window #2..? Sorry, no: window #1 stops loading when you hop off, and the moment you click on window #2, your ‘saved’ BoingBoing page refreshes – disappears and starts the beloved reload. Stop swearing, you know it’s unedifying, reflect on the virtue of patience, and go back to window #1… And watch five minutes of slow loading disappear, refresh, reload, and restart. With no cacheing. Those seven other ‘windows’ aren’t web pages in a browser: they are saved thumbnails. No matter what you were told, no matter what Apple’s developers think they coded, the design is such that they function as thumbnailed screenshots of web pages, storing the URL with a mandatory clear-and-reload command. Yes, I have occasionally clicked across to a second window and opened the page in full without a reload; again, I have no idea why I sometimes get lucky.
    8. 5

    9. This single-window design feeds through to an enforced ‘linear’ browsing behaviour: I spot an interesting link on BoingBoing, there’s no right-click to open it in a new window (and, see above, no functionality in a single-window browser to do so anyway. But the thumbnail would be pretty)… The only option I’ve got is to click through and hope that there’s network connectivity when I hit the ‘back’ button. And someone in Apple sees browsing the web as a linear experience: they have no concept of branching paths and a web of links: who on Earth put them on a Browser design team? And how come they are working for a company that built a reputation on design skills?
    10. 6

    11. Flash objects don’t load. Now, I’m not a bug fan of Flash, but I’d like to think that a company with the resources of Apple Corporation can spare a developer to write the iPhone Safari Flash Plugin… And there are times when I do want Flash – lots of news sites have much of their content video-only. And, yes, there’s lots of badly-designed sites that are totally Flash-dependent: normally I skip them but sometimes there’s information on them that I need. Flash is no longer an option, it’s a function in widespread use and it is becoming difficult to use the web without it.
    12. 7

    13. No Flash plug-in… What else is out there that needs plugins? There are no browser extensions for Safari iPhone. None. So the talk about it being a fully-featured desktop browser on the move is just talk. Maybe I can accept that, get along without it all… And maybe I thought, when I bought it, that I’d paid good money for a device that implemented the talk as live features and functions. And maybe, just maybe, the next adblocker or application-in-the-browser extension will turn out to be a killer app, something so useful it rapidly becomes essential. But not on Safari on the iPhone: it’s future-proof, in the original meaning of the term.
    14. 8

    15. Did I mention that the browser doesn’t respond to low transfer rates by throttling images and objects? I can’t tell it to do that, either: Safari on the iPhone is non-configurable. All the things I take for granted in my desktop browser – the single-click to load no images and prevent scripts running when I open a dubious email; the single click to ditch a bad stylesheet; the ability to configure proxy-handling; enable or disable sound – not available. Not even out-of-application in the central ‘settings’ console. Not even in a desktop docking station application with a jazzy name like ‘manage your iPhone’. Yes, I like having a clean interface: but someone in Apple believes in sterilisation, removing control from the user and imposing their own perfect worldview of how ‘Their’ machine will be used. That’s a bad idea in the Wild West of the Web.
    16. 9

    17. Ever tried tapping your way into the address bar, typing in a different page by hand? Difficult, isn’t it? Mostly, the text you want to tap and place the cursor into won’t be ‘HTTP://’, it’ll be the page name or a cgi parameter at the right of the URL… Right by the ‘clear’ button. On a touch screen.
    18. 10

    19. Safari crashes. Frequently. Yes, even after Firmware 2.1. It’s unstable, a clear sign of poor coding and poor testing. Poor management: this is not the work of a reputable corporation that prides itself on interface design and product quality, I have wonder why all the Mac fans are so eager to mock the reliability problems of Windows. And, for that matter, why I was reluctant to get a Windows CE device: as I haven’t taken this expensive toy back to the shop – yet – it is abundantly clear that I am prepared to tolerate unreliable software and systems on mobile devices.

    I have chosen not to talk about Java and Javascript on the iPhone. Sometimes it’s best to hold your silence.

  8. Patrick Austin says:

    The thing about the iphone is that it’s so close to what you want, that you start expecting it to be perfect. It’s horribly flawed, but for at least an hour and 15 minutes, the best mobile phone out there.

  9. Jake0748 says:

    Totally awesome list of lists. As a non Apple fan-boy but iphone owner, I can relate.

    But wasn’t it just a few days ago that it was posted somewhere hereabouts that top ten lists were a sign of a crappy blog? :D

  10. Narual says:

    @8 – I had the predecessor to that nokia (the 6820) before I had the iphone. I loved the keyboard, and yeah, I could SSH into webservers from it… but the iphone wins hands down. Oh, and that damned thing couldn’t do MMS either…

  11. guy_jin says:

    ‘no voice dialing’? seriously? who the hell uses that?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but I thought this was about “FLAWS” and not recommended features that are not included. You guys are just as bad as the people who are ALL APPLE, just turned 180 degrees. These things are fairly minor things and very specific (who really wants a emulator and dos?).

  13. CGI_Joe says:

    Therefore a list of lists is crap squared? ;-)

    (I don’t think it’s crap, it’s just… loquacious.)

  14. kirkjerk says:

    I’m sad that lack of landscape mode doesn’t show up more often, it means it won’t get that much attention. (I secretly suspect it’s because Apple knows it doesn’t have the manginifier/making sure you can see where you’re typing routine down, and they don’t want to spread that misery.)

  15. Dewi Morgan says:

    I’ve an old and crusty Nokia 9500 Communicator, which is why I won’t get an iPhone. The newer E90 Communicator is even better.

    What the iPhone doesn’t have (and I may be wrong on these and am happy to be proven so):

    1) Multitasking. I kid you not, the iPhone is a singletasking machine. You want to switch between your IM client, browser and SSH session? Then you’re gonna have to disconnect the ones that are not currently active.

    2) Free, open source software. Every app you install must be obtained through the App Store.

    3) IAC (inter application communication). Although secure, since everything’s in its own sandbox, even the user can’t override this: so it means no handy plugins for the browser to, say, memorise form data, etc.

    4) Emulators. They’re forbidden by the ToS of the iPhone SDK, since it would mean you could run apps that weren’t from the App Store, which means you will never get the Spectrum, Sega, and Scumm emulators I have on my 9500. No DosBox. None of that stuff.

    5) Programming. Same again: you can’t use the SDK to make another programming languags, since that might be used to make apps that aren’t iStore apps. So the Basic, OPL, AutoType and shell languages on my 9500 wouldn’t be allowed.

    6) QWERTY. ‘Nuff said. A virtual keyboard that takes up half the screen just doesn’t cut it.

    7) Spare batteries. The iPhone’s battery, when it fails, will cost you $85 bucks to get swapped out.

    8) Memory. The E90’s has about 3x the latest iphone’s RAM, and the microSDHC card is, unlike the iPhone’s, replaceable. Fill all 16G up with video? No problem, swap the next one in!

    9) Video. Which is why you might not be so worried about running out of memory on the iPhone. It has a 2MP still-only camera, no autofocus or flash, compared to the E90’s 3.2MP, with autofocus and flash, or 640×480 video.

    10) Resolution. E90 screens are 800×352, 4″ internal, 240×320, 2″ external. iPhone’s just 480×320, 3.5″.

    11) A DIV operator. As a bonus, that’s right, you can’t divide on the ARM chip it uses, and if you want to, you have to use workarounds in software, which will take several thousand clock cycles.

    And the funny thing is, here in the UK at least, the E90 is *cheaper*… so I’ll be upgrading to that, instead the iPhone.

    I just don’t understand the hype.

  16. cheap_kaspersky says:

    Those flaws make me feel wanna stay away from buying iphone at least for now

  17. Anonymous says:

    #1 should be not having the ability of updating the picture in your blog to the iphone 3g

  18. RevEng says:

    I have an iPod Touch, which I received as a gift at work. I wouldn’t want to be ungrateful, but considering I’ve wanted a mobile Internet device for some time, I’m quite disappointed for atleast 10 reasons.

    1. No Flash. I know it’s been said, but there is a lot of video on the web and amongst the format wars, Flash video has become exceedingly popular. Without Flash or Java, most of today’s websites just don’t work.

    2. Limited Apps. I know you’re thinking, “Are you nuts? There are hundreds of apps. What more could you want?”. How about an audio player to replace the built-in one? How about something to download music, send files to friends, or view the PDF ebooks on my machine? A website that I have to upload to and view online doesn’t count.

    3. Touchscreen. Believe it or not, I’m typing this on my iPod and my error rate is atrocious. My finger is the size of 3 keys! After scrolling a page, I have to wipe the screen because there are greasy fingerprints all over it. It may look nice, but it’s terribly impractical.

    4. Multitasking. I regularly open multiple programs when I’m working. Music in the background, pages webpages open, and likely a download running. Unless I’m performing the simplest of tasks, the iPod just can’t do it.

    5. Caching. Safari is dog slow to begin with, which makes reloading everytime I hit back agonizing. Couldn’t they spare even a few meg of ram for that? I’d happily spare some storage space for it.

    6. Page rendering. I appreciate that rendering a website on a small screen is a difficult proposition, but could it be any worse? It often takes several seconds to render the fully downloaded page, and it gets rendered for every pan or zoom. And why doesn’t it atleast attempt to reflow pages to fit? Even sites without explicit widths end up wider than the screen. Having to continually pan to follow a paragraph is bad enough, but when it requires obscuring the text with your finger, it’s unbearable.

    7. iTunes. I don’t like it. The Windows version crawls with my 40GB music collection, it makes basic management tasks (like renaming songs) a chore, and it regularly crashed (usually in the middle of a sync). The 3rd party apps I used on my 5th ben iPod never had trouble, but now Apple has gone out of their way to ensure I can’t use anything else. I’m sure they had my best interests in mind when they did that.

    8. I can’t even finish this because in the hour it took to painstakingly tap it out, the battery has gone from half full to nearly empty. But it was never meant to be used, was it?

    9. Yet another handheld device that, if it falls from your hand (as sweaty plastic is bound to do), will surely become an unwarrantied paper weight.

  19. Anonymous says:

    millions love it. There are plenty of other phones out there, if you don’t like nobody is forcing you to buy it.

  20. colonel gentleman says:

    Yes, #20, yes.

  21. drew3ooo says:

    It’s weird how so many people have exactly 10 things wrong with the iphone. It still seems to me to be a big step ahead in interface and design. Typing is imporoved on the latest version, I thought. Flash is being sorted, battery life needs to be prioritized, but you also have to consider what you’re running on what sized battery. I don’t like phones being locked into networks but most essentially are until you get them unlocked and there’s already a hack that unlocks the iphone.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Only IPhone problem: Can’t use Flash when surfing internet.

    Other than that, please be grateful you even own one.

  23. Aaron says:

    Nile: Absolutely agree about the reloading being one of the major problems. I might buy an iphone if 3.0 fixes that…!

  24. iPhone App Review says:

    Thanks, I agree that the battery life sucks but there are great iPhone Apps to go with it!

  25. Halloween Jack says:

    I’d do a Top 10 Reasons Why “Top 10 iPhone Flaws” Lists All Suck, No Exceptions, except that it would end up like the lists that I’m critiquing; fight not with monsters, &c.

  26. Dewi Morgan says:

    Anonymous@#24, not being able to run emulators is a huge thing. It means that I can’t make it act like every other computer or handheld device ever made, and run apps from all of them: I can only make it act… like an iPhone. If you think that’s not a big deal, you’ve been working in closed-and-locked OSs too long.

    A processor that is restricted from running certain code (let alone *all* code apart from a lucky few programs!) is not a real processor: it’s not even Turing complete.

    It annoys me intensely that the public are lapping this up and thinking it is “OK” and “normal”. I find it a little saddening that some BB contributors think the same, despite fighting on so many other fronts for openness, and small business :(

    IPHONIX@#29: Curious where you found figures on the sales. I’ve had a hard time finding sales figures from any time other than July 2007.

  27. Alarming Female says:

    My first iPhone was dismal—poor battery life, wonky clock, slow downloads, missed calls. I took it back and they gave me a new one which works perfectly. I adore this phone. Even the external speakers rock.

    Wish it had MMS, but compared to all the good I can’t really complain.

  28. Anonymous says:

    No stereo bluetooth? Lucicrous!

  29. iphonix says:

    C’mon guys. If it’s so cripled, how come it’s the #1 smartphone ever created? How come it sells in millions worldwide and has a huge army of fans?

    Of course it’s not perfect but are there perfect devices at all?

    P.S. Win a free iPhone 3g on

  30. kagakuninja says:

    Well I don’t have an iPhone, as I refuse to return to AT&T. I do have an iPod touch, and it is fantastic, the coolest gadget I have ever owned. I also happen to be an iPhone developer, and I can assure you that the keyboard works in landscape mode. I had to jump through a lot of hoops to figure out how to do it, but it does work. Can’t say if it works with autorotation, but there you have it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wow, some of these lists are pretty esoteric!
    We’re still talking about a smart-phone, not a spiritual salvation, political candidate, or a cure for cancer, right?

    Let’s keep focused on what issues matter for a smart-phone!

    1. Poor Battery Life
    2. Can’t Replace Battery
    3. No Shooting Videos
    4. No MMS
    5. No Flash or Java
    6. No tethering
    7. Crap GPS
    8. Gimped Bluetooth
    9. Gimped Outlook support
    10. No cut and paste

  32. richoid says:

    I’ve got a long list of things I’d like added to the iphone, but hey, it’s really wonderful. All this focus on negative stuff takes away from the fact that it is really awesome, and always improving. Will others beat the feature list? Maybe. Will others beat the interface? Maybe. But I’m betting Apple will keep ahead or abreast of competition, as they have with the iPod. It didn’t have every damn feature either, but it was still the class of the marketplace, and remains so.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Defective by design’s 5 reasons to avoid iphone 3g

  34. dargaud says:

    They all leave out the most annoying thing about the iPhone: the user ! I have a fanboy colleague who walks into everybody’s offices daily to show whatever new functionality he discovered after a night of playing and installing new apps on his phone. Hilarious but it gets old.

    Or professional relations I don’t even know show me their phone in the middle of the street: ‘see that? See that?”. “Well, all I see in full sun like that is a smooth slab covered in greasy fingerprint.”

    It’s turning into a competition as to who can come up with the best bubble-burster. “Mine has cut’n’paste”. “I can use my 6yo phone as a modem”. “It’s so gay, how come it doesn’t come in pink”. “Can you use it as a dildo too?”. “Where’s the button to shut the user off?”. “Can I borrow it? I need to go to the toilet”…

  35. Pierre Slinkeaux says:

    This whole post needs to be posted here:

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