Camera Armor Seattle Sling dry bag

The "Seattle Sling" from Camera Armor keeps cameras and other gear free from water, dirt, dust, or cookie crumbs. It's essentially a dry bag inside a padded, single-strap sling, which means you'll have quick access to your gear, but won't be able to take it underwater. Looks useful for adventurey, outdoors shooters, but also seems to take up quite a bit of space. The Seattle Sling will sell for $150 once they're back in stock. Considering it was just announced that should be any day now. (I'm not sure they were technically ever in stock at their online store.) Seattle Sling dry bag catalog page []
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3 Responses to Camera Armor Seattle Sling dry bag

  1. Eric Carlson says:

    It is called “seattle sling” because it rains in seattle. RIght? Right? Get it, because it is moist there. You need to protect your camera from the water. Which is wet. Like in seattle.

  2. karrock says:

    I’d think that the dry bag folds would keep out water pretty well, even if dropped into a pool or off the back of a boat. Granted it wouldn’t be able to withstand being completely submersed very long, but with all that foam and air space, you’d really have to drag it down hard to keep it below the waterline.

  3. Patrick Austin says:

    This seems like it’s being marketed towards people who buy expensive outdoor gear and then use it to trek to Whole Foods. The problem is, if I’m outdoors in the rain, I’m probably also walking a long ways, in which case I a want a backpack, not a shoulder bag.

    I use my Crumpler messenger style bag around town, but if I’m going to be walking all day, I need a backpack that distributes the load better. Carrying an SLR, two fast zooms, a fast prime, a flash and spare batteries…that starts to get get really stinkin’ heavy.

    Anyhow, my Crumpler has gone through several torrential rainfalls and trips to sandy places, and my gear survived just fine.

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