Rubik's Mirror

Rubik's Mirror Blocks, with its exploded segments and weirdly foreshortened grid, looks like the classic cube puzzle gone wrong. It's exactly the same size – at least when solved – but unlike the original, every side is the same color. At this point, I have three choices. • Hellraiser joke about solving puzzle boxes and going strait to hell without passing go. • Personal anecdote about Rubik's cube from the 1980s. • Praise self for getting through a post about Rubik without using the phrases "mindbending" or "fiendish." Either way, I'm gonna pull the trigger on this one when they appear here in the west (It's apparently Japan-only right now). Why waste time on the inadvertent puzzles found in gadgets' user interfaces? Here's video: Mega Toy Rubik's Mirror [MegaHouse via Digital Gadgets Freak and Technabob]

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19 Responses to Rubik's Mirror

  1. pimlottc says:

    Looks neat, but please, edit your videos people, no one wants to watch a minute of you opening the box…

  2. Eric Carlson says:

    @#3 Thanks, this looks super hard.

  3. Galoot says:

    I LOLed. All I could think was “don’t actually mix it!”

  4. Anonymous says:

    They actually have been carrying it on for a little while. I got mine, and it’s quite fun. It is true that it’s the same as a regular Rubik’s cube in terms of solving, but it’s quite different in terms of finding what goes where. You may think a piece goes somewhere, put it there, then go oops. But a wrongly placed piece just pops out so you can tell at a glance what needs to be fixed.

  5. mightymouse1584 says:

    looks like an allspark

  6. kaiza says:

    First puzzle: How to open the packaging.

    Of course, the real point of this video was to introduce some new android’s life-like hand movements (see 2:26). Those hands could just as dexterously be performing delicate surgery or wringing our puny fleshling necks.

  7. Eric Carlson says:

    This looks more frustrating than trying to pronounce the word Nudibranchs

  8. Isaac Cates says:

    Mostly I spent the first minute or so of that video worrying the hands were going to cut themselves. That knife looks dangerous!

    But then, yeah, once I was sure it was an android, I worried less.

  9. Anonymous says:




  10. Anonymous says:

    Done it! With no support BTW
    It’s fun but more beautiful than difficult in the end!

  11. Cpt. Tim says:

    doesn’t actually look that hard as long as you’re reasonably familiar with how to solve a standard 3×3

  12. Justin Ried says:

    I like how he got to the cross, compared it to his 3×3 cube, then realized he was completely screwed.

    @CPT. TIM: I think you’re right, but there may be a catch. The algorithms that allow you to shift a single cube may be the same in some instances, but I’m pretty sure that many of them will be different because of the mechanics. In other words, while the move will be conceptually identical, there may be some extra footwork involved in making that particular shift happen.

  13. ESQ says:

    I’ve been stuck on the last 5 corner cubes of my Megaminx (12 sides, 12 colors) for a month… I’ve gotten all but the final layer solved, my edge pieces are placed and oriented, but I cannot figure out these last five damn pieces.

    It sits on my desk at work, passively mocking me.

    The bastard.

  14. Enochrewt says:

    For anyone that’s interested, YouTube video of someone solving the thing. (in 2:47 for you competitive types)

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. alastor says:

    Looks like if you can do the rubiks you can do this, just got to get used to the patterns instead of colors.

  17. nick says:

    im not a smart guy that knows alot about the cubes, this mirror cube has me baffled. can some one give me the answer please, there has to be a formula. or is it just luck? what is going on with this cube hahhaha, i love it, its total genious, plese, someone give me the answer.

  18. Marshall says:

    I’d marry that cube.

  19. neurolux says:

    It should be easier to solve blind-folded than the original 3×3 cube.

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