µTorrent for Mac alpha leaked to Pirate Bay

Ever since I switched to a Mac as my main computer a couple years back, there have been few regrets... few cherished programs I have not been able to replace with something just as good, if not better. In fact, there's been only two: I still think FeedDemon is a better blogger's RSS reader than NetNewsWire, and there's no Bitorrent program on the Mac as simple, elegant, full-featured yet streamlined as µTorrent. I've never quite understood why a program as bloated and confrontational as Vuze (formerly Azureus) was the best torrent client the Mac had to offer. Both Beschizza and I have tried the alternatives: Transmission and Tomato Torrent and the like. Rob suspects that there's some trickiness involved in programming a BT client around OS X's wonky UPnP settings. I don't know anything about that: I've simply rejected every other torrent client as too slow compared to Vuze, then grudgingly returned to it. But I've always pined for a µTorrent for Mac. In under 300k, the Windows client is so simple my mother could figure out how to use it without a screen sharing session, yet advanced enough that I can make it the engine to drive an entire television worth of intercontinental programming. In fact, the Windows client is so simple, attractive and streamlined it has always seemed utterly out of place on Vista. Now, according to Cult of Mac, an alpha version of µTorrent for OS X has hit The Pirate Bay. It's a premature delivery, obviously, and I doubt the µTorrent developers would approve, but surely they'd be the first to admit that it was at least a poetic birth. The screenshots look great, and CoM is reporting that it runs better than its Windows counterpart, with only search still acting wonky, but I have not been able to get a response from the Pirate Bay to give it a try. Once I do, I'll put up some impressions. uTorrent Mac Client Leaked [CoM]
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15 Responses to µTorrent for Mac alpha leaked to Pirate Bay

  1. gwax says:

    Personally, I prefer uTorrent under Wine over any Linux native torrent client. Most of the time, I find uTorrent under Wine outperforms Azureus.

    You might try uTorrent under Darwine.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I had finally become resigned to life with Transmission and this is great news. There’s been rumors and projects related to a Mac uTorrent for a while but it’s all been vaporware.

    As for Vuze, it may have decent download rates, but who can stomach actually using it? Forget the interface, Java apps are just such resource hogs; Vuze needlessly raises my Macbook Pro’s temperature and that’s something I can’t abide.

  4. Jon says:

    Isn’t µTorrent still owned by Bittorrent Inc which is in bed with the MPAA? I’ll be damned if I run a closed-source torrent client from a company with such ties.

  5. snej says:

    Xtorrent works fine for me.

    And saying “OS X’s wonky UPnP settings” makes no sense. OS X doesn’t have UPnP settings. Individual apps can send HTTP messages to routers using the UPnP NAT protocol, just like on any other OS, but there’s nothing specific to Mac OS. (There is actually some new API in 10.5 that can do the work of this for you, but I don’t know whether any apps use it yet. Xtorrent certainly performed fine for me on 10.4.)

    A bigger variable is which router you’re using. Many routers have notoriously buggy UPnP implementations, and might work OK with one app but not another.

  6. mistercharlie says:

    What’s wrong with Transmission? It’s fast and simple. And it has a cool icon.

  7. word_virus says:

    God I love the uTorrent. Closest I’ve come under Linux is ktorrent (which is mighty close, except that I run Gnome instead of KDE which means I gotta d/l all the KDE libs as a dependency, virtually nullifying ktorrent’s miniscule footprint).

  8. I prefer ales says:

    I use MIRO player as my torrent client these days on the MacBook. While it warns me if the file isn’t a media file, it downloads anything anyways.

  9. franko says:

    what about bits on wheels? i love it.

  10. MarkM says:

    Vuze/Azureus isnt that oppressive: 2 minutes of preferences tuning and you have the classic Azureus interface without the Vuze.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bit Rocket! gawd…

  12. John Brownlee says:

    Like I said, I could never get it to work as fast as Vuze.

  13. knifie_sp00nie says:

    Maybe you just need to configure the ports on your router better? Also, some trackers like particular features turned on or off that can effect speed. I’ve had no problems with Transmission and never found it slower than Azureus.

  14. Anonyman says:

    Try azureus-novuze, search for it on your favorite torrent finder. It’s a forked Azureus2.jar with all the bloated confrontational crap stripped out. It should work with any Azureus build.

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