TravelRest inflatable travel pillow

The "TravelRest" is billed as the "ultimate travel pillow" — clearly hyperbole, as the ultimate travel pillow is the soft shoulder of your preferred companion. (Unless that companion is a robot, in which case I would suggest the Nzzle Touch Pro neodymium-clasped sooth pouch upgrade.)
But the $27 TravelRest isn't without its tricks: it's inflatable, which makes for easy stowage; it has a loop that keeps it in place when attached to the back of your seat; and its comma shape supports more of your body than the standard toilet-lid-shaped travel pillows. TravelRest product page []
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6 Responses to TravelRest inflatable travel pillow

  1. bazzargh says:

    Is it droolproof?

  2. Nelson.C says:

    “…your preferred companion.” This is another dead girlfriend joke, right?

  3. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    I’m sure the person behind you won’t mind that the tether traverses their t.v. screen and/or tray table.

  4. Matt Katz says:

    @2 – looks like it ties higher than that. Actually looks like something comfortable you can lean into…

  5. acx99 says:

    Also, when rolled up it neatly holds your pipe bomb or sawn-off shotty.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is the stupidest review I have ever read. Next time, please look up the definition of “pillow” first and then let us know what you really think of the product. The fact that you’d rather play grab-ass with your girlfriend/boyfriend does the rest of us no good. We’d all rather be doing that, but sometimes we don’t have that option and need to decide which pillow to use instead. You have done very little to aid that decision.

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