Joby Gorillapod Focus tripod holds up to 11 pounds of camera in precarious positions

Joby's Gorillapod tripod is great. I've had one for years and it goes with me on every trip. It ably handles my DSLR and smaller camcorders. And it's cheap! The new Gorillapod "Focus" tripod is not cheap. It's $150. But at 1.1-pounds it's rated to handle up to 11 pounds of gear. That's the size of larger camcorders or DSLRs with professional-sized lenses. And there's a new adapter head that lets you screw on pro tripod mounts. Apologies if this sounds like marketing copy, but Joby makes a simple, quality product. I expect the same from the Focus. Gorillapod Focus press release []
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6 Responses to Joby Gorillapod Focus tripod holds up to 11 pounds of camera in precarious positions

  1. loganbouchard says:

    these are awesome, but pro tripod mounts? sounds… pointless.
    it would be harder to use a mount on it than it would be just to change the orientation of the legs.
    but yeah, the old ones are nice. i got one after someone gave me a plastic mini tripod, which my EOS and 200mm broke. it was pretty funny, it just collapsed under the camera.

  2. tamarind says:

    My mid-sized pod has been pretty handy over the year ive had it, although i have to say that long exposure shots often show it slipping slowly.

  3. hohum says:

    I use ‘em for remote flashes, and while I was skeptical at first, I have to say they’re pretty impressive little tri-tendrils.

  4. OM says:

    …I’ve used the smaller Gorillapods before, and they work great! I’ve actually recommended them for Chrisnukkah stocking stuffers over on OMBlog before, and some of my OMBloggers have echoed my recommendations. It’s the type of tripod everyone needs to own, simply because there’s always going to be shots you can’t get level because there’s just not a space to set up a normal, stiff-leg tripod.

    And besides, what other tripod allows you to wrap it around a tree?

  5. Brian Carnell says:

    I agree. I’ve got the small one for my digital camera, and the intermediate one for a flash-drive based HD digicam I’ve got. These are awesome. Nice to see they’ve taken it up a notch with one suitable for larger equipment.

  6. markfrei says:

    Sweet – I need one for my HDX200!

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