Patagonia OutsideIn modular shoes

Patagonia's OutsideIn footwear comes in two parts: a soft upper with a light tread on the bottom, suitable for indoor wear; and a glueless, strap-on latex bottom that makes the shoes suitable for outdoor use. Replacement latex treads can be purchased if you wear them through before you ruin the booties. It's a clever design and not even entirely wretched looking considering there's a giant strap over the laces. They aren't cheap, though. The "Rum & Cola" boots seen here cost a healthy $140. I've used a similar "hack" for years with my shoes, where upon entering my home, I remove the entire upper of my shoe along with its sole, leaving myself in socks, which I then put into high-density sheepskin slippers. Patagonia shoes catalog page [ via Treehugger]
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2 Responses to Patagonia OutsideIn modular shoes

  1. randalll says:

    These shoes are so necessary it hurts.

    I can’t be taking off shoes and putting on other shoes. That’s just plain ridiculous. I need to spend twice as much time removing and/or replacing just the sole.

    Also, I would like to pay 5 times what I would pay for normal shoes.

  2. Garr says:

    … and I want to get my hands dirty every time doing so too…

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