Russia’s wide and scenic Vistas


Window Vista Ad [English Russia via Crunch]

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6 Responses to Russia’s wide and scenic Vistas

  1. chef says:

    Maybe it’s a test; if you see piss stains on the seat lid instead of in/around the bowl, you’ll know how Microsoft’s reputation is in that area.

  2. w000t says:

    I think (my Rusky yuzeek is rusty, you see) it’s “the digital world starts here;” which is even funnier, IMO.

  3. E0157H7 says:

    Are you sure you want to flush?
    I’ll bet the tank takes forever to fill back up as well.

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    Needs to be inside the bowl, really.

  5. metafactory says:

    The Russian text says: “the digital life starts here.”

  6. flyingdutchman says:

    Of course, before you can use the toilet, you’ll have to agree to an EULA (about 10 A4 pages of dense legalese in 8 point type), the terms of which I would not even dare to imagine…

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