Fourth time lucky for SpaceX

SpaceX's Falcon 1 has made it into space on the company's fourth attempt. From Wired Science:
After three failed launches, the company founded by Elon Musk worked all of the bugs out of their Falcon 1 launch vehicles. As the rocket ascended, cheers rang out during every crucial stage of the launch sequence, and now, their headquarters in Hawthorne, California has erupted in excitement. The most tense moment came just before stage separation. At that critical moment, the third launch attempt had failed. This time, it worked out perfectly.
SpaceX Did It -- Falcon 1 Made it to Space! [Wired Science] Update: Here's video from the rocket itself on launch. The cheers from the SpaceX team gives me goosebumps. – Joel

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5 Responses to Fourth time lucky for SpaceX

  1. arikol says:

    Go space nerds!!!
    Great work, not the simplest of tasks.

  2. PaulRedeker says:

    Imagine what we could ave spent that bailout moneu on? We could have a colony on mars with that money.

    Instead, we perpetuate the problem.

    This is why the zombies almost won. Broken governments denied problems, until the problems became too numerous and shambled in the screen door and ate their dog.

  3. Tenn says:


    Ahahaha, YES. -Incoherent geeky babbling-

  4. Jake0748 says:

    This is such a good thing. Every little step into space, not taken by some government, makes us a little bit closer to universal access.

    (Yes, I understand that SpaceX is a company with billions behind it. Not Joe Blow in his back yard.)

    Bravo. Let’s see more.

  5. Duffong says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day. This news is sooooo much better than hearing about the bailout.

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