Gang Garrison 2: What TF2 would have been in the '80s

Gang Garrison 2 is a playable 8-bit-inspired "de-make" of Valve's fantastic online multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2. You can download it for free at TIGSource; at the very least, watch the trailer so you can listen to the crunchy remake of the TF2 theme song. Gang Garrison II (FINISHED) [ via Game|Life via Kotaku]
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3 Responses to Gang Garrison 2: What TF2 would have been in the '80s

  1. Anonymous says:

    I kind of want to see what Valve has to say about this game.

    Half-Life Library Article on Gang Garrison 2:

  2. KurtMac says:

    I agree, though I’ve never played the actual TF2. I’ve run into a lot of connectivity issues, but when it does work, its a nice way for me to get some multiplayer gaming in here at work without installing any full games!

  3. the_boy says:

    I really like it. It’s fun, simple, and while the Engineer and Spy are useless, they’ve done a faithful job with Demoman, Scout, Medic, Soldier, Heavy, Pyro, and especially Sniper.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Valve saw this and offered them distribution through Steam. It’s clearly fresh of the boat, but they’ve done something good here.

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