Great ideas from the soup line: dumpster hot tub

A hot tub for the metrosexual Manhattan C.H.U.D. set by artist Michel de Broin, who has stolen the fever dream of many a hobo, except his dumpster hot tub is not self-replenishing thanks to its dual use as a communal pissoir. I love it: a Garbage Pail Kid fan, I would fill it with green slime. Blue Monochrom [Michel de Broin via MAKE]
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3 Responses to Great ideas from the soup line: dumpster hot tub

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    The sign clearly says “do no play in or around”.

    They put those signs there so stuff like this doesn’t happen.

  2. DeWynken says:

    It is a clearly a Hobo Soylent Green Machine..they THINK they will be getting a relaxing soak, climb in, then SLAM! The lid crashes down via remote control, locks, the water is replaced with liquid lye, and their nutrients are dispersed to local rooftop gardens. Deviously brilliant!

  3. dculberson says:


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