Luxury designed Pac-Man Italian stools

Even without mimicking the profile of Pac-Man gorging himself on an electro-fueled, ghost-digesting power pills, these leather Poufman stools crafted by Italian company Qayot would be striking: a combination of pure geometry, simple shapes interplaying with one another in hues of turtledove and cranberry. I only wish one of those simple shapes was a tiny bow in pink polyurethane. Poufman [Qayot via Hometone]
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5 Responses to Luxury designed Pac-Man Italian stools

  1. cryptique says:

    What, no yellow?

  2. Mike says:

    Is it bad that my mind has grown so weary of the insufferable feud that I immediately read the headline as “Luxury designed PC-Mac Italian stools”?

  3. michaelportent says:

    The Black and White ones are so freakin’ boss. Love to have those in the living room. Not sure about the other colors…

  4. DMcK says:

    The phrase “Pac-Man stools” conjured up an entirely different and significantly less wholesome palette of imagery for me.

  5. Anonymous says:


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