Irrelevant: BBG presents a short techno remix of John McCain grunting

As a foreigner, I'm quite baffled by and apolitical toward this election dealie going on, but I saw this YouTube of Senator McCain's ... enthusastic grunting noises? Whatever they are, I then saw the digest version by Jed Lewison, with other McCain samples overlaid. And it struck me that it could all do with a beat. Update. Here's a direct link: . CC attribution 'n' remix, yo. Have a nice weekend!

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9 Responses to Irrelevant: BBG presents a short techno remix of John McCain grunting

  1. TheMostHorrible says:

    I thought I heard Phil Hartman’s Frankenstein a couple of times in there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And this relates to gadgets how? I know it’s too much to ask BB to avoid its left wing love of politics. But, could you at least keep it out of BBG?

  3. Skwid says:

    Dude, hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    I love “and this relates to gadgets how?” comments. One day we’ll do a compilation.

  5. edgore says:

    Please to provide permalink to the music-like bit at the end of the post – I would like to send it to many, many peoples. I am unable to figure out how to sends.

  6. edgore says:

    Without, you know, actually bothering to view source and do actual work. Please to provide convenience.

  7. igpajo says:

    Try right clicking on the player bar and you’ll see a “download this track” option. Click it and it’ll launch another window that plays the .mp3. Then choose save in the file menu.

  8. Anonymous says:

    lol that sounded like chewbacca!

  9. EdWatkins says:

    Vote McCain/Penguin 2008!

    After watching that clip, any one else see the similarity between McCain and The Penguin?

    Take a look:

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