GMail Goggles stops inebriated epistolary spewing

A belly full of turpentine swilled rot gut, a drunken decadruple somersault down the slippery slope, a greasy slalom from one thing to another, and somehow, I'm blearily writing an inebriated screed to one Mr. Joel Johnson, subject line: "I QUIT, FAT BROOKLYN METRO-PUKE." It happens. Unfortunate, yes, but heretofore unavoidable. But Google's latest addition to GMail plays defense between your impolitic inebriation and your friends and co-workers. With a feature dubbed "Mail Goggles," GMail will ask you to solve some simple mathematical equations before you send that late night email, the theory being that if you're too drunk to solve them, your judgment is too impaired to let your epistle go through. A cute idea, but if I can walk backwards in a straight line while reciting the German alphabet with a hemoglobulous ABV of .34, I can definitely do simple addition. Stop sending mail you later regret [GMail Blog]
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7 Responses to GMail Goggles stops inebriated epistolary spewing

  1. alxr says:

    I agree that this probably won’t work for me, at least. I’m generally capable of figuring out how to split the taxi fare on the way home. But a bit of real analysis would probably stop me in my tracks. But then, I’ve never really had cause to find the limit of a series when inebriated, so who knows?

  2. Marley9 says:

    I installed this immediately, and I thank the creator. So do my 8 ex-wives, and various other ex’s.

  3. snackcake says:

    They should make the send button smaller, and add an “Save as draft” button, so that you can review your handiwork in the morning…

    Or, when you do click send; it scans for keywords (foul language, love, hate, condometric, etc.) and you get an “are you sure” message, with an option to save as draft.

  4. celia says:

    On the other hand, I’m often incapable of managing simple math even while sober, so I’d never send another email again! Do they make a humanities major variation with, say, analogies and reading comprehension?

  5. kerry says:

    When I first looked at the screenshot I was stone sober but on too much coffee and not enough sleep or food and, honestly, could not do the math in a timely manner. If I used the gmail web interface ever this would be right up my alley. Can someone make it an add-on for OSX Mail?

  6. Joel Johnson says:

    Yet no matter how many times I reply “Accepted. Please turn in your passwords.” you continue to come to work each afternoon.

  7. BearsAssaultedByBasil says:

    Can we maybe get some Analysis? I was never very good with numbers that weren’t 0, 1, n, or infinity.

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