The HandshoeMouse: crummy, conforming, comfortable

The horribly named HandshoeMouse promises the ultimate in ergonomic comfort: an ergonomic computer mouse which is not gripped, but into which the palm and digits of the hand sink. Its creators certainly take it seriously: it is based on four years worth of research into muscular tension conducted by the medical universities of Rotterdam and Maastricht. But as comfortable as the HandshoeMouse looks, there's no getting around the fact that it's not a very good mouse. Oh, I can do without a horizontal scroll wheel, or a couple of thumbable buttons at the side, but to not even include a middle mouse button? That's just unforgivable in a 120 euro mouse, no matter how wonderfully breast-like it conforms to the palm of the hand. HandshoeMouse Is Not A Pain In The Neck [Hot Hardware]
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5 Responses to The HandshoeMouse: crummy, conforming, comfortable

  1. Anonymous says:

    and, once again, the ergo-mice makers ignore a full 15% of the population, that would pay double for an ergo lefty mouse.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    “breast-like”? Good grief, Brownlee.

  3. Not a Doktor says:

    I love my tracpad except the built in scrollwheel simulator (rubbing my finger on the edge) only works in IE; that and it’ll make jagged edges in paint/photoshop.

  4. Joel Johnson says:

    Dollars to donuts that mouse wheel has a clicker.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dutch – handschoen = glove

    German – Handschuh = glove

    Also, a simple viewing of their website clearly indicates that the scroll wheel has a switch i.e. it is clickable. And, once again on their website, “the only mouse that fits like a glove”. Spookily, the company is from Breda in the Netherlands.

    A little attention to detail would benefit some of your articles and reviews.

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