More possible MacBook "Brick" spy shots - smaller notebook this time

From the Chinese-language and password-protected come more short said to be of Apple's forthcoming laptop revision. This, clearly, is for a smaller machine, lacking the Pro-style speaker lattices either side of the keyboard. 小鋁MacBook 最新諜照 [Apple Pro via MacRumors]

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9 Responses to More possible MacBook "Brick" spy shots - smaller notebook this time

  1. vinko says:

    If this is indeed one of the sets of new cases for the new MacBook line, then why does the optical slot looks out of proportion from the head on shot of the case?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Still don’t care

  3. salsaman says:

    Looks nice. Pic 1: From the size, a 13″-14″er, 4:3 screen? Pic 2: Re: Vinko’s view: it’s perspective, kid: near things look big. I’ll draw you a picture. Anyway, Pic 3: magSafe, USB, USB, FW800, audio (A/V?) in, audio (A/V?) out, security, nothing to see here… except a nice thin case that could be way less bulky in real use than a 15″ mbp. Apple has led the pack in laptop hardware engineering, and they’ve gotten a lot out of the current 15″ mbp case, but it’s ready for a refresh as Apple’s design has evolved. So… what’s with the tattered mat, smokes, and laptop? Did somebody steal this off a truck, or is it piecework snapped at home?

  4. Dewi Morgan says:

    Love ya too, iJoel :D

    FWIW, 64% of my latest comments have matched my regex, too: so that makes me a hypocrite. I’ll try to avoid the topic a while and post more contentastic comments instead.

    …So, that Lord British, eh? Flying high.

  5. Zarniwoop says:

    Thing is, this is all well and good, but aren’t apple going to cannibalise their macbook air sales if all the notebooks in their line are as thin as it? (Or at least almost as.) It seems pointless to bother to make them all as thin if thinness is the air’s raison d’etre.

  6. Dewi Morgan says:

    The previous 11% of posts being about Apple has now risen to 50% (11 of the 22 posts on the front page) mentioning \b(apple|ipod|iphone|mac|osx)\b. (Thank you, “/Find Bar/” for your Firefox-regexy goodness that makes these things easy to spot.)

    So, wonder if they’ll be timing the blog rechristening so that “iBoing” is announced at the same time as the “iBrick”…

  7. schmod says:

    Could this be the return of the 12″ Powerbook? Please make it so!

    Alternatively, an aluminium Macbook would be pretty spiffy as well.

  8. Not a Doktor says:

    well how do they get the mobo in there?

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