Moto RAZR still the most popular cellphone in America

Inhabitants of the material plane, that being the part of reality exterior to the internet, often assert that RAZRs, not smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars, are the most popular phones. Believe it or not, but they are correct: there are tens of millions of them knocking around, and it's been in the top spot since they started measuring these things systematically in 2005. Things are changing. Apple's iPhone is now the second best-selling handset in the U.S., according to NPD's figures, with the BlackBerry Curve in third and the BlackBerry Pearl in fifth. In fourth place is LG's Chocolate. What's changed? Smartphones got cheap, is what – the most expensive model there, by, far, is the $200 iPhone. For me, the interesting question them becomes what people will pay $300 or $500 for: looking at devices in this range, you see a lot of high-end unlocked handsets and low-end ultra-portable laptops. It's a space still now waiting for its killer app. And by app, I mean "appliance." [RCR Wireless via Engadget]

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3 Responses to Moto RAZR still the most popular cellphone in America

  1. indiie says:

    I love my RAZR. I’ve had it for 2 years and have no plans on upgrading yet. I have dropped it multiple times (on concrete, in water), had it fall apart in pieces and it still works fine. Free doesn’t hurt, either.

  2. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    as long as they’re giving away RAZRs for free with a contract it will be #1.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    You know, I wasn’t sure if that was true and didn’t want to hang my hat on it. It certainly makes the iPhone’s number 2 spot all the more of a coup: it’s then the most popular phone that isn’t given away.

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