MacBook in Oct. 14 event ad is 13.3", aluminum, and not the MacBook Air

It's hard to tell from the gloomy marketing shot, but the Apple logo is about 1.5 inches wide on my MacBook Pro. From that, this machine would appear to be under 13 inches wide, which would suggest a 13.3" diagonal. The edges, however don't look at all like the MacBook Air. I miss the 12" PowerBook. You do too. Is this a happy moment, or rose-tinted pixtacles? Maybe! For reference:
Apple announced October 14 notebook event in Cupertino [Ars Technica]

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25 Responses to MacBook in Oct. 14 event ad is 13.3", aluminum, and not the MacBook Air

  1. Anonymous says:

    DCULBERSON said…

    We’re all like little rats in your cocaine dispensing aquarium!!

    Rats in an aquarium? Love it!

    oops :-)

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    iSnort sounds good to me,

  3. chaitanya says:

    Oh a smaller macbook pro, please please, i’ve been missing a smaller model after the 12″ powerbook…
    Steve its just a notebook, no one would be ashamed if u got a smaller one ;)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think apple should make a ebook reader. Yes an ebook reader. Like the kindle or the sony.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know, I don’t quite understand why few believe this to be a multi-touch tablet. Sure tablets suck. PC TABLETS suck. Few people buy or want tablets. PC TABLETS. This new Apple release has been rumored to be water-cut from a SINGLE piece of metal. A single piece. Isn’t it obvious. ONE single piece of metal. One single tablet. “Brick” has been the codename. C’mon! I’ve seen all sorts of financial analysts stating why Apple would never release a tablet at this time. I don’t think Mr. Teeve Jobbbs cares about analysis all the bloody time. I think a revolution is in the ready.

  6. Anonymous says:

    According to my source, on tuesday the 14th Steve Jobs will release SNOW LEOPARD.

    George Gavrielides

  7. Jordan says:

    I’m not sure that it’s entirely sound to assume that the Apple logo on a machine is going to be the same size as the Apple logo on an old one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh please yes, let it be. I love my old 12″ dearly and it has served me so well, but it is a little long in the tooth now and somewhat slow. I don’t like the plastic ones at all and the current 15″ (let alone the 17″) are too big to carry around. A new 12″ would be the very best, but 13″ will do. But *with* a DVD drive please.

  9. kael1394 says:

    13.3″ diagonal, squared off edges unlike the Macbook Air, released right as the existing 13.3″ macbook needs replacing. Could it possibly be…

    Another 13.3″ Macbook?

  10. artbot says:

    Let me be the first to say:

    A new Mac notebook!!!!!!!!!!How will I EVER live without it?????!!!!! I must have it NOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!

    There. You can go about your day, now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Because the Apple logo is always the same in every MacBook, I think the size of shown notebook (if this will be the new one) is larger than MacBook and MacBook Air (+1.8 cm or 0.7 in) and smaller than MacBook Pro 15 (-1.4 cm or 0.6 in). Here on setteB.IT you can see the images.

  12. arnearne says:

    Oo! I still loooove my 12″ PowerBook!

    Yet also I would loooove to discard her in favour of a speedier model. As long as it’s of similar dwarfy size. And made of aluminium, of course. Also Apple should dispense with cd players in this tiny model. Don’t need it.

    But husssssh now, dont’ tell my current 12″… She’s sleeping now (does that quite a bit), so she won’t notice me typing this…

  13. Anonymous says:

    You should state your assumption that the size of the logo doesn’t scale with the size of the laptop. Is that true with the current lineup?

  14. Zarniwoop says:

    You know, I wonder what IS stopping them from, for example, producing a rival to sony’s 11″ notebook. I mean if you look at the Air, if you trimmed off all the swoopy bits and made it a bit thicker (with a DVD drive and a sensible amount of storage), you’d be pretty much there already.

  15. scaught says:

    I want smaller than 12″. And aluminum.

  16. HeatherB says:

    You guys post about apple too much. Whinge, whinge, moan, moan

  17. Anonymous says:

    So the Smurfs were 4.5 inches tall.

    Now we know for certain.

  18. Lonin says:

    Prices starting at $1000.

  19. Rob Beschizza says:

    You guys read about Apple too much. STOP CLICKING ON IT IF YOU DON’T WANT IT.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see a replacement for my 12″ Powermac with a lot more power. But, I hate the widescreens on the new ones (for web browsing, email, quick coding sessions, pretty much everything I do, vertical space is what counts). It’s just movies that I’d want a widescreen for.

    Widescreens are just a way to brag about a longer diagonal with less square inches of LCD material.

    I guess since I don’t want a widescreen, I’ll be keeping my current model for a long, long time.

  21. Mr TOAD says:

    I think the invite suggests solar powered Macbooks. “The spotlight turns to notebooks”, this is a veige reference, with double meaning, to using light tables with the new solar powered Macs to keep them running without needing to plug in.

    SJ LOVES icons, names, and statements with double meaning — Beatles !!!

  22. SuperMarina says:

    Ever since the PowerBooks disappeared and were replaced with MacBook Pros I have wanted a smaller MacBook Pro to replace my 12″ PowerBook.
    A couple months ago I broke down and bought a 15.4″ MacBook Pro.

    So yes, now is about the time for Apple to start selling smaller MacBook Pros…

  23. dculberson says:

    Rob, that’s impossible! Don’t you know that if it’s there it must be clicked on?? We’re all like little rats in your cocaine dispensing aquarium!! MORE! MOREMORE!! MOREMOREMORE!!!

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