Wahl Rechargeable "Self Cut" hair clipper

Wahl makes the best hair clippers. I've used a sturdy little Wahl Peanut as a beard trimmer for a couple of years. I even cut my hair with it when I'm drunk, which conveniently happens at least once every six weeks. But Wahl also sells a cordless version that seems to get high marks. The Wahl Rechargeable Hair Clipper even has a rotating head on a ninety-degree handle so it's easier to trim both sides of your hair evenly. Or you could just do what I do: embrace having a horrible haircut. The Wahl Rechargeable is available in lots of places for a wide range of prices, but it looks like $30 at Amazon is a pretty decent deal. [via Uncrate]
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5 Responses to Wahl Rechargeable "Self Cut" hair clipper

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Gee, my hair is getting good in the back!”

  2. devophill says:

    embrace having a horrible haircut


  3. Anonymous says:

    I had a really nice Wahl rechargable clipper and indeed it was great. But it had the same problem all internal-batteried devices have: When the battery lost its capacity to hold a charge, the clippers were useless.

    Worse, it didn’t have the kind of pass-through circuitry you get with a laptop, so when the battery wouldn’t charge, you couldn’t even use the clippers while they were plugged in. I had about a half year of charging it overnight and then rushing to cut my hair before the battery died, with the unit plugged in all the while.

    At the time, a new battery either cost nearly as much as a new corded clipper or just wasn’t available at all. I forget which. Either way I just bought myself a nice corded Wahl, and I’ve been happy as a head-shaven clam ever since.

    Wahl? Hooray! Battery opp clippers? Noray!

  4. Luc says:

    I use a Remington Shortcut, and it’s rather good: http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/003000.php

  5. surrural says:

    My old Wahl clipper still trims sturdy & true after eighteen years banging around in moist bathroom medicine cabs & vanity drawers.

    But for the many old-school Wahl virtues I could declaim, the prize for retro delight has to be their online store. A replacement .33oz tube of clipper oil, good for a full decade’s worth of monthly hair-cuts, is sold for .70 cents. Seventy cents!

    I just bought a new 10-piece set of comb attachments for an even $10.

    I <3 Wahl.

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