Yamaha audio gear's laudable restraint

I love the look of Yamaha's latest audio gear, especially the A-S700 amp on top: big knobs, chunky buttons, and nary an unnecessary display by which to be distracted. Press release (Google Translated) [Yamaha.co.jp via Engadget]
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10 Responses to Yamaha audio gear's laudable restraint

  1. hallpass says:

    These look like the compenents from my dad’s stack, circa 1982.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I love the look of Yamaha’s latest audio gear.” Then you would have love the couple year period around 1986. This looks nearly identical to the Pioneer integrated amp I bought back then. In fact, most of the major brand’s silver faced components shared the same styling, as the usually always have. The next phase was black plastic with lots of buttons that after a year or so of pushing always looked a bit askew and much “cheaper” looking than one’s initial impression of “high tech” with loads of expensive and “important” options. So, I like it too, in the way that I prefer plain white cross-trainers of the ”80’s to the hip-hop huge purple with a myriad of lime green stripes and bright yellow panels of today’s teen sports shoes :)

  3. Bottlekid says:

    What’s so funny ’bout analog VU meters? That big amp would look sweet with a pair.

  4. drtwist says:

    This reminds me of the way the old Kenwood KA- series looked. Big, chunky knobs and not an L?D display to be seen

  5. jitrobug says:

    I want something that looks like that, but uses a digital amp and all of the fine tuning is done via a web interface or something.

  6. Ugly Canuck says:

    Yeah these look old-timey to these ol’ eyes. Any tubes in there?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The design is great! I would loooove to see a pair of VU meters on the amp. I’m waiting for the sound quality reviews.

  8. theLadyfingers says:

    I second that it looks 70s.

    It is nice to see this kind of spartan look in lower end gear, though.

  9. dculberson says:

    Yamaha stuff has always been great quality at a reasonable price. This is probably a higher end set, though; their cheaper amps still have a lot of buttons and a big screen. Of course, you *have* to when you’ve got 7.2 surround with ten million settings to contend with.

    I just retired a Yamaha amp I had been using for 15 years. I thought the right channel was going bad, so I got a newer used Yamaha. It turned out the right speaker was going bad!

  10. Sijay says:

    Press release says 58,000 yen, which today is US$578.

    If it actually has analog controls I’d consider it — can’t stand digital volume controls especially.

    Mm. I’m looking over right now at my old Sony ST-88 receiver, lovely thing with a veneer case and an analog signal strength meter. I’ll never get rid of it, I just wish radio around here was interesting enough to plug the durn thing in.

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