iTunes Remote App coming unofficially to Android

Jeff Sharkey — winner of the $275k Android Developer Challenge — has already managed to reverse engineer one of the iPhone's most killer apps and release it for the Android platform. This raises the G1 up a notch in my appraisal; in my musically-networked apartment, is actually a far more wonderful creation than the iPhone itself. I could easily see myself switching to another phone, as long as it had that. TunesRemote [Jeff Sharkey]
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3 Responses to iTunes Remote App coming unofficially to Android

  1. certron says:

    As an entrant into the ADC, I feel it is my duty to correct the post slightly: Jeff Sharkey was a $275K winner of the $10M contest.

    I will definitely applaud this app, and it certainly illustrates the openness of the platform. Sure, Android has some flaws, but I’m not a good enough programmer to know them. There are enough things done right that whipping up an app can be done fairly quickly without too much hassle, assuming you know what you are doing. I look forward to making some of my own apps, although I’m still angry that The Weather Channel of all people/groups implemented exactly an idea that I had (one that I told to no one) and won one of the competition slots. Grr! If only I had the skill and the time…

    (I didn’t end up making it past the first round of submissions, but after taking an objective look at my code, I really should have scored much worse, which leads me to believe there were lots of atrocious projects sent in.)

  2. controlbroke says:

    i guess this would be the punchline to your get a mac joke.

    although with itunes the jokes really on you!
    I wouldn’t be so smug about your invasive applications.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It maybe seem stupid to write, but I dreamed of this idea back in 1999, Its nice to see it work!. This will be the future of computing e.g to have a master computer at home and a slave with you in the pocket.

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