SteelSeries to release 15 button World of Warcraft mouse

The new World of Warcraft SteelSeries mouse contains 15 separate, macro-programmable buttons, both for the poop socker and the gold farmer alike. It will be ergonomically unusable, but I do quite like its carapace-like design. SteelSeries drops WoW oriented 15 Button Mouse [Crunchgear]
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5 Responses to SteelSeries to release 15 button World of Warcraft mouse

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve already got a mouse built for WoW rogues. It’s got two buttons.

  2. SeppTB says:

    Hmm, might be interested if I can scrap the WoW branding off of it…

  3. cmuwriter says:

    That thing looks like it would kill my hand if I touched it. I want one and I don’t even play WoW.

  4. kaiza says:

    How about “I got a shit mouse”?

  5. themindfantastic says:

    15 buttons, I guess you could macro in all sorts of stuff and when you accidentally press the wrong one and accidentally aggro Arthas causing your entire party to wipe worse than what Leroy Jenkins did you don’t have to use ‘I got chicken’ as your excuse.

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