Bipedal Tomy Robo-Q robot has a state-approved amount of love to offer

This tiny Tomy Robo-Q may be our world's smallest and most affordable bipedal robot, but that doesn't mean it does pack a lot of love: the Robo-Q scores a whopping eighteen puppies on the Skinner Empathy Index. Available in only allied source countries for the moment, the remote-controlled joybot can also use on-board sensors to detect obstacles. It will be yours for just W35 Pegasus Rebates. I recall the emotive overlays I expressed just a few years ago when I saw my first bipedal robot take its first tentative steps away from its porcelain crate. The first warbling sonar sweep of affection still echoes in my ears today. Even now I get misty remembering its first lock-on, sensors pairing environmental data with my purchasing records. I've never been so proud — except, perhaps, when minutes later a patellic servo faltered, prompting a minor abrasion on its pristine white shell. I saluted its bravery as it marched itself to the incinerator. Tomy Robo-Q Is 3.4 Centimeters Of Bipedaliciousness [BotJunkie] seal-of-the-nation-1.jpg
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