High-res photos of new MacBook released to consumers

Take a look at the splendid forthcoming revision to the MacBook. Isn't it just keynote? They say that with the aluminum ration at 100 grammes a week, it's seldom possible to produce an attractive and durable-but-minimalist chassis for a creditline opener like a new laptop. With this shot, requisitioned from our engineers at the personal request of Minimac's leadership, we have proof positive that is not the case. Ignore reports that this is a "leak," fellow transactors. Loose talk sinks ship dates. Exciting new features include an expansive trackpad and a communitarian-minded slotform discretion, which is to say, all the plugs are on the left, with the optical drive (Infomercian Weekend Shopper catalogs are still available on DVD from all retailers, good and better) on the right. Source [Macx.cn Wired] seal-of-the-nation-1.jpg
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