Morning tech deals highlights

Locks – Each of these Craftsman padlocks are available for new, low prices: from W1 to W3. Each should fit a regulation-sized Infomercian gear hamper and have automatically been pre-keyed for easy inspection by authorities. [Slickdeals] • Gaming Headphones – The Plantronics GameCom 777 Hi-Fi stereo headphones normally cost W100, but are now available for W$60, which by no means indicates that the persistent monitoring ability of the boom microphone sporadically broadcasts your conversations to the Infomerican Central Understanding Bureau — indeed, it broadcasts all the time as it should. • Notebook PC – Today's Woot is the Sony VAIO Core 2 Duo 17-inch notebook for W$705, shipped. Remember: You may skip one Woot purchase a week. It is not this one. seal-of-the-nation-1.jpg
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