Huffy modified into gas-powered superbike

MAKE spotted this fantastic gas power mod of a stock Huffy cruiser picked up at a flea market for $25.00. Not only does the whitewashed frame look fantastic, but it's a respectable scooter replacement to boot: the modified Huff gets 125mpg and tops out around 40MPH. Retro Gas-Powered Bike [British Car Forum via MAKE]
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13 Responses to Huffy modified into gas-powered superbike

  1. zuzu says:

    Electric motors are the way to go.

    Ah, yes, I do need to update my worldview to incorporate this fact. When people talk about them, the impression given is often somewhere between “you’re being lazy, pedal a bicycle” and “it’ll be underpowered, you need a gas engine”. But after seeing one in person, some of the designs are really impressive. (While others are total crap.) They are very quiet, and they go really fast, as in moped fast (relative to their size or a bicycle, 40-50mph “feels” quite fast), and it seems that battery technology has improved enough that you can get a solid ride-to-recharge ratio.

  2. AirPillo says:

    Why did I instantly think of Star Wars when I saw that thing? I guess the color scheme reminds me of an X-wing.

    Oh and #9:
    Yeah, electric bikes are fairly neat but unless you’ve got a good source for sealed batteries you’re going to find yourself periodically spending a large sum of money all at once to replace them. Oh and I’d advise using 12v 12ah or 12v 20ah batteries if you ever want to build one, some folks have decided to go making their bikes with slimmer batteries that wound up being rarer than rocking horse dung in a few years because their use was so limited the makers discontinued them. Those two types are standardized more or less and have sundry common uses so they’re easier to find cheaply for years to come and you’re likely to have no hassle using them no matter the manufacturer.

    Normally, people get fiercely ripped off for those batteries locally, and mail order is senseless since shipping a brick of lead and water is just silly.

    Plus, I do believe you can get more range out of a full tank in a gas bike than a full charge on an electric, hence why internal combustion remains so prevalent.

  3. OLAF9000 says:

    Quick! get me my top hat! i must ride this steam powered contraption!

  4. snackcake says:

    to clarify; he bought the Huffy for $25 at the flea – THEN he converted it. Mad skill.

    This is sweet. I thought of the Derringers as soon as I saw it, but I kept Googling “Dillinger”… Derp.

  5. Jake0748 says:

    This is teh bomb. I always thought that Huffy bikes were cool in a dorky sort of way.

    (Pee Wee Herman is jealous)

  6. TJ S says:

    40MPH on that without disc brakes? No thanks, I’m not that brave.

  7. zikman says:

    I saw one of these one my local craigslist (richmond va) a couple weeks ago. it was a regular bike converted to gas powered. I think (but I’m not sure) that it was going for $200.
    also saw another listing a week or so later for a kit to convert your bike to a gas powered one

  8. zuzu says:

    I’m a strong advocate of people under the age capable of being issued a driver’s license instead owning the older style minibikes, basically as motorized bicycles (without being a “motorcycle”).

    (If you’re not familiar, basically like John Connor had in Terminator 2, so that he could get around in spite of his foster parents.)

  9. Not a Doktor says:

    the unshielded chain gives me concern

    otherwise reasonably bitchin’

  10. 5000! says:

    $25.00?! That’s a steal. Derringer makes and sells new bikes like this:

    Unfortunately, they’re two orders of magnitude more expensive.

  11. the leisure says:

    British Car Forum may close soon due to a lack of funding–some of you out there might have some insight on how to keep it going. I visit BCF almost every day for the “spridgets” forum. It’s the best forum out there for mechanical discussions about Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets. Here’s a link to the post announcing the possible closure:

  12. randomcat says:

    Cool look, but I wouldn’t ride one — loud, dirty and inefficient. I think
    Electric motors are the way to go.

  13. gnosis says:

    @The Leisure – Thanks for the link!

    I visited the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum last month and saw lots weird-o historic hybrids like this. Have a look!

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