Wooden replicas of ordinary and extraordinary gadgets

What I find most interesting about Ron Van Der Ende's wooden replicas of everyday objects is now how well crafted they may be — very well crafted! — but how much the end results end up looking like Impressionist paintings when photographed. Not all of his work is of plebeian items, though. He's done some Apollo capsules and Russian satellites, too. Ron Van De Ende sculpture [ArtBBQ.nl via MAKE:]
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2 Responses to Wooden replicas of ordinary and extraordinary gadgets

  1. devophill says:

    A very cool body of work. I think they resemble paintings because many of them are quite a bit flatter than they appear. That Sony U-Matic, for example- look at the shadow. It’s hanging on a wall!

  2. dculberson says:

    Awesome. It would be cool to have some of these pieces, but I bet he commands good money for them. (and they’re worth it.) I used to have that VCR; what a beast. Hard to believe the VO-5800 was a more modern and compact VCR. (Look at a vo-5800 and you’ll see it’s not compact in the least… until compared to the 1850!)

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