Blackbird, Fly: Plastic vintage-inspired camera uses 35mm film

The "Blackbird, Fly" is an all-new, all-analog camera from Japan's Superheadz that recreates the square images and down-looking viewfinder of an old Rolleiflex, but does so on 35mm film. Which I'm sure is fun and makes fine, interesting images and everything, but would drive me nuts. I'll make my blurs and smudges the old fashioned way, thanks: by being a horrible photographer. But if you feel the need, the "Blackbird, Fly" is going to cost around $100. I'm sure someone will import a few for our Lomo-addled photographer friends soon enough. BBF blackbird, fly TLR camera from Superheadz [ via Josh Spear]
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4 Responses to Blackbird, Fly: Plastic vintage-inspired camera uses 35mm film

  1. JuliANSR says:

    good spot joel.

    and lest we forget them in the shuffle

  2. Daemon says:

    Any camera that uses film is pretty much vintage as it is.

  3. krylon says:

    one: why are the images in the gallery full frame? Furthermore why are they so boring?

    two: if they’re square, how many to a roll of film? Is 36 exposures actually 45?

  4. Julian Bond says:

    Want! These tings are great for clandestine photography. Hang it round your neck and just casually glance down. Now can I have a digital version with a sunshielded LCD in the top?

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