Infomercia, 'Tis for thee

My fellows, for shame! When we gene-spliced Gates and Jobs in Morita's warm enzyme bath, did we not create an eternal model for art? Is not Clive Sinclair's inventessence in the flesh vats of Merck, from which we all were born? Two ministers propagating not His Refulgent word, but that of the enemy!? Hacking dreamcasts? Challenging our engineers!? Sirs, I know it is difficult, without the umbilicus, to remain focused. And these "commenters" who question us – phaugh! Do not think we fear the dissolute ideology at the heart of this rebellion. Technology is external: it cannot embody any notion of creative expression, any more than the sun could rise backwards! It is a door, a shining, rainbow-filled glowing happy door, to the creative works that so many at the Ministry of Intellectual Propriety lovingly craft. Is that not enough wonder?
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20 Responses to Infomercia, 'Tis for thee

  1. nairobired says:

    okokok, so im glad comments are open. these negative ones are worth it. giggle.

  2. Metostopholes says:

    #7 SRC

    As for “entitlement”, our clicks and views pay their bills. If they want our continued traffic, then they should try to please us.

    Okay, but then doesn’t that mean that by staying here on the days that they already said they wil be continuing with Infomerica that you’re showing your support for it by giving them more pageviews?

    I call on everyone who’s fed up with Infomerica to not visit for the duration as a sign of protest. Also, I am not at all suggesting this because that would lessen the whine on the comments pages.

  3. teight says:

    Honestly it seems like BBG got hacked, I keep asking myself “Are they serious?” but whatever, I’ll still check it every day despite the fruity logo all over the page

  4. Anonymous says:


    They’re pleasing me.

  5. salsaman says:

    Give us a break. Just because something seems like a cool idea when you’re high…

  6. Ronald Pottol says:

    It might have been a cute joke for 24 hours, but frankly, if I want this kind of stuff, I can always go read North Korea’s website.

    Back when this is over.

  7. michaelportent says:

    Hail, Informercia! Never before has the boring realm of the gadget echo chamber been so skewed by hilarious propaganda and silliness.

    The mere fact that people are beleaguered by this is just cause to continue.

  8. michaelportent says:


    Apparently I can’t be amused and spell properly at the same time. Damn multitasking!

  9. funnelbc says:

    The whining is starting to grow on me. It adds another layer of comedy on the infomercia thing.

    A stand out whiner and surely deserving of the awarding of Cray Pippin Status Quo award has to be commentor “Om”.

    Carry on happy mutants. :)

  10. OM says:

    “A stand out whiner and surely deserving of the awarding of Cray Pippin Status Quo award has to be commentor “OM”

    …In this case, I’ll wear that award wiith pride. Especially since I suspect it helped abort the third day of this bullshit. One day we could have tolerated, but *three*? Someone needs to be monitoring the meds over at BB, because either they’re not getting enough, or someone slipped in some Woodstock Brown Acid.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Namecalling from anyone isn’t necessary, but Om, you haven’t exactly been cordial in all your criticism, either. But I’ll accept it if you send me some acid.

  11. kpkpkp says:

    Why more of this Infomercia flavoring dumped on top of Gadget Wholesomeness?

    Infomercia = BULLSHIT!

  12. zikzak says:

    Come now, don’t make fun of people for being autistic. They have a mental disability that makes them become angry, irritable and rude at the slightest hint of their rigid routine being disrupted.

    I’m sure this weird, unconventional change in the blog they read daily has thrown their minds into chaos, fear and anxiety. They’re probably willing to say or do almost anything, even abuse the authors of the blog, to get a return to normalcy. To them, the most urgent issue in the world is that the blog proceed as it has in the past, with nothing unexpected or surprising.

    Even though that may seem like a laughable overreaction, they can’t help it. Pointing them to another blog won’t fix the problem, because they’re irrationally fixated on this blog, and they very much feel that it has to be exactly as they want it. While people with this problem aren’t very much fun at parties, there’s no point in making fun of them or trying to change their minds.

  13. OM says:

    …Considering the sheer amount of negativity received over this joke gone bad, it would have been in BB’s best interests to have admitted they FUCKED UP and cancelled the rest of this drek.

  14. Pete says:

    Om, KPKPKP… if you don’t like it, piss off and read one of the other n+1 gadget blogs, all recycling the same news and views. We’ll be over here with the ‘trying something new’.

  15. src says:

    Dudes, who are you trying to please with this stunt? Hopefully, just yourselves. There’s a line between humorous commentary and mental masturbation, and you have left it far, FAR behind.

    Is this bad inside joke really worth losing readers over?

  16. glenfant says:

    Don’t listen to any of the naysayers, the new pseudo-future blog is funny and interesting. Please continue making this week different from the one before it.

  17. sisyphus says:

    All you critics are just diving into the parody, enriching the comedy tenfold. This is only getting better as far as I’m concerned.

    Also, I’m always fascinated by this notion that bbGadgets exists to please its readers. Because you are the demanding masses, and they are the supplicating ministers. Only you’re not paying IPRs, real or not. So the incessant and insistent entitlement is pretty absurd.

  18. src says:

    Well, I don’t visit bbGadgets for parody, I come for gadget info. Yes, I know that’s an unusual viewpoint on a gadget blog, but to each his own.

    As for “entitlement”, our clicks and views pay their bills. If they want our continued traffic, then they should try to please us. If they don’t, then they can continue to please themselves.

  19. mujadaddy says:

    …it’s back. :|

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