Android Market has a killswitch, but Google will refund your money if they use it

The passing mention of an application kill switch in the Android Market terms of service is sure to raise the hackles of the same eyebrow archers who saw the presence of an App Store kill switch in the iPhone as downright perfidy. Still, read closer, and Google's explanation on when, why and how they'll refund your money in case the big red kill switch button is ever pressed is certainly better than Apple's close lipped non-explanation:
Google may discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement ... in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion... [and make] reasonable efforts to recover the purchase price of the product... from the original developer on your behalf.
Also! You can return any application within a 24 hour period for a full refund. That's neat, but I can't imagine they won't tighten that paperwork nightmare up to something that discourages trying, then returning. Most of the iPhone apps I've bought I'd probably have returned within 24 hours if I'd had the option. The Android Fine Print [Computer World]
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5 Responses to Android Market has a killswitch, but Google will refund your money if they use it

  1. Adam Fields says:

    This seems to be a worse trap for developers. On the Apple app store, if your app gets pulled, your development time is wasted. On the Android store, if your app gets pulled, your developer time is wasted __and you have to give back all the money you’ve already collected__. This is the difference between a risk and a potential bankruptcy.

  2. dculberson says:

    But trying then returning would seem like exactly why they would put a 24-hour return policy in place. It sounds perfect and seems to me it might increase app sales since that way people can spend the $10 knowing they can get it back if the app sucks.

    And even if it just kind of sucks, if the average person is anything like me, they might say “well, I’ve already spent the money, might as well keep it!”

  3. Roger Strong says:


    When I write an app for Windows Mobile, Microsoft has no control over how I distribute it. Nor do they ask for any. Nor do they have a kill switch.

    iPhone apps have been blacklisted by Apple for an ever-growing number of reasons – and some times blacklisted with no reason given.

    Will this happen on Google’s phones? As long as the ability is there, someone claiming a patent on “buttons in a mobile app” or a trademark on “the color blue, with regard to telecomm industry” can force them to use it.

  4. musicalwoods says:

    Well yay for Google having a sensible policy, but this type of killswitch makes me want to have a truly open phone that much more. Dang OpenMoko for taking so long with their phone!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Umm… isn’t this the EXACT SAME as the Apple policy?

    If you Google it, you can find a Jobs quote and a developer complaint re: Jobs takes 30% but I have to refund 100% ?

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