Minoro is the world's first and cutest 3D webcam

The Minoru 3D Webcam isn't just another wonderful example of robo-pareidolia: unlike most web cams, it features two separate lenses, mixes them together in its elongated, pod-like skull and then beams the resulting three dimensional erection across the internet to jut out of the screen at some random Craigslister, clad in red-and-blue cellophane glasses... and nothing else. Minoru [Official Site via Crave]
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4 Responses to Minoro is the world's first and cutest 3D webcam

  1. historyman68 says:

    Or Hey Arnold!

  2. stratosfyr says:

    Funny how it suddenly looks alive when you give it two eyes. I can never bring myself to look straight at a webcam because they’re just so… inanimate.

  3. hokano says:

    Stewie, is that you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does it also buff shoes?

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