The Brionvega RR226: the surprised robot stereo

In 1965, Italian designers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni crafted the Brionvega Radiofonografo RR126: a gorgeous masterpiece of 60s stereo design, featuring a radio, speakers, amplifier and phonograph, as well as a wonderfully pareidolic robot face made up of the knob and dial design. Short of seeing one in a museum, you can't easily buy an RR126, but Brionvega have just announced a refresh: the RR226, boasting the same cute looks (the RR126 looks like nothing so much as a surprised, octagon-eared robot) and with a CD and DVD player packed in to boot. The price has yet to be announced, but it's going to be expensive. Brionvega [Official Site via Retro-To-Go]
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4 Responses to The Brionvega RR226: the surprised robot stereo

  1. schönberger says:

    They really seem to be in the market for obsolete technology. A new product with “CD and DVD” in 2008. I’d rather buy a model that plays vinyl records.

  2. metafactory says:

    I wonder if Brionvega is an outpost of the Infomercian Empire. Here is a funny snip from their product page:

    The protagonist of the Brionvega Invasion it will appear in its rigorous black and white versione. Alpha is a 19” LCD with dvd player integred and now that is on sales on this web site.

    Created in 1962 by Sapper&Zanuso it is riproposed today in Numbered Edition (299 Tv sets) keeping the classic Brionvega colours but lightened optically by the brillant chrome plating of the bottom shell.

    The archetype of the TV set par excellence, over the years Algol has become the symbol of Brionvega which today reinterprets through the use of the Army Green color and “plays it down” by adopting a new gummy finishing. Available in 199 pieces

  3. lovingthedark says:

    You mean hexagon-eared robot?

  4. johntripp says:

    I was told 7000 Euros. I have an RR126 and I love it.

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