OLED-screen cell phone design speaks truth to complexity

This Nokia Aeon-like concept sketch, by Mac Funamizu, demonstrates how a phone with an OLED-wrap display could look. It is, as Unplggd remarks, the "IPhone Nano You've Always Wanted"; but that is really just a way of saying that it's a minimalist design that hits all the right notes. The most remarkable thing about it is how it solves unremarkable needs. It imagines technology that makes design simpler: if such display technology was implemented, LCD screen frames and bezels would not only become unnecessary, but immediately seem like pointless ornamentation.
Just a Sketch: Mobile Phone [Mac's website via Yanko and Makezine]

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10 Responses to OLED-screen cell phone design speaks truth to complexity

  1. cha0tic says:

    It’s a rubbish design. It’s not Black. Technology should be black. I would make it grubby in 3 days…

    …probably 3 hours actually.

  2. Sparrowhawk says:

    Meh. Black is rubbish. White is rubbish. Use stainless or chrome. Satin them for those who obsess over fingerprints, a polish for those who want bling.

  3. dainel says:

    The whole thing is screen. Changing the colour should be simple.

  4. brianary says:

    Wait–OLED or e-ink?

  5. aeh9 says:

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  6. holtt says:

    I’d tap that asterisk.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree with cha0tic, all technology should be black.

  8. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:


  9. aluxeterna says:

    black yes, but preferably in Bakelite.

  10. SamSam says:

    Looks to me like e-ink, but actually it looks to me like unobtanium, especially as he’s imagining braille dots raising out of the screen to provide text to the blind…

    That said, it’s a beautiful sketch for a concept, and it would be nice if real phone could move in that direction without screwing themselves up in design sub-sub-committees that end up creating the worst designs and UIs imaginable…

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