Eemobi: Latest crapvendor shows "strong man style"

Our own cha0tic (friend of the blog!) has discovered another fine Chinese crapvendor. It goes by the name of "Eemobi", and it is resplendent in its awkward English. An example, as they pitch this somewhat intriguing cellphone watch:
The watch phone Watcha820 is the most masculine model in watch phone, the golden-black frame of the watch shows the strong man style! The beautiful 1.2inch screen with flat touch function, it also catches the trend with quad-band at the same time.
Watcha820 cellphone watch catalog page [] PreviouslyWhat is a crapvendor?
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3 Responses to Eemobi: Latest crapvendor shows "strong man style"

  1. chef says:

    The design actually sounds intriguing, especially for a friend of mine who hates carrying around a cellphone in the first place.

    A shame (or sham) they don’t show you an interface display though…

  2. valis says:

    I was excited at first, but then I realized it didn’t say Strongbad style.

  3. Not a Doktor says:

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    I enjoy immensely in this one, it is most prodigis in most Star Wars style.

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