Here's How Celebrities Died: Seiko's Mid-80s Japanese Pinball Ad

Speaking of pinball, who knew so many rock and roll stars died in front of a pinball machine... at least according to this Seiko watch ad? Also, that Elvis Presley died while taking a crap upon the rear fender of a hot rod?
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5 Responses to Here's How Celebrities Died: Seiko's Mid-80s Japanese Pinball Ad

  1. BuildUupBuzzKill says:

    yeah, i cant say i understand the jist of this ad

  2. retchdog says:

    “…but time and chance happeneth to them all.”

    Yeah, it’s weird. I like it a lot though. Thanks, boingboing.

  3. whitlock says:

    The list of mentioned artists, along with their deaths:

    Otis Redding – Plane crash, no pinball allowed
    Brian Jones – Murder or drug related issues
    Jimi Hendrix – Drug overdose
    Janis Joplin – Drug overdose
    Jim Croce – Plane crash, no pinball allowed
    Elvis Presley – Drug overdose, on toilet
    John Lennon – Assassinated, public

  4. PlushieSchwartz says:

    Does.Not.Compute. Is this for a time machine or a watch? Where do you put the Mr. Fusion?

  5. Boxthor says:


    The point is, Seiko watches don’t overdose and die on you.

    They just keep on living the dream.

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