Knife block kills bacteria with UV rays

It doesn't even have the charm of a $20 IKEA knife block made out of 90 percent recycled balsam pap, but this germ eliminating knife block by Hammacher Schlemer ciijs the e.coli off of your butchering utensils with a UV-C light that kills surface bacteria when the knife is inserted. And for the sort of ultra-germaphobes who stay awake late in the night, staring in the dark, contemplating the millions of protozoa sloppily fornicating in their mouths with existential horror, the block can even be set to automatically flash-fry your sheathed knives every three hours. $89.95. Germ Eliminating Knife Block [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo!]
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9 Responses to Knife block kills bacteria with UV rays

  1. smgrady says:

    UV LEDs wouldn’t use too much electricity. I’m not sure of the efficacy, but I bet someone could just build this for a few dollars and run it off of batteries. *danger* UVB & UVC is bad stuff and will slap your DNA around – so make sure the enclosure is light proof.

  2. Japutie says:

    Do you know how unsanitary knife blocks are normally? Even if you wash your knife, bacteria, dirt, moisture from not completely dry knives that are put away leading to mold get inside those knife slits. You think that washing a knife makes it clean? That’s just what the International Germ Conspiracy wants you to think. Germaphobes Unite!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This accomplishes half of what a clean sani-soaked kitchen towel can. And at more of a danger. Can you say kid hazard?

  4. kpkpkp says:

    Or, you could just wash them….. Germs don’t last long on clean metal surfaces. This enclosure seems like a good way to create a germ / dirt hotel


    How am I supposed to sterilize the knife handles?

    I’ve heard that certain styles of knives aren’t allowed in commercial kitchens depending on how the blade meets the handle, as small gaps of any serious depth can act as hidey-holes for germs during the cleaning process.

  6. ed_g says:

    …not to mention a STAGGERING waste of electricity. Construction looks tacky too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Puleeze! Just wash the damn knife. There should be a law against such frivolity.

  8. maxoid says:

    maybe use one of those magnetic knife strips? or wash and dry them after each session? it’s something you should be doing to keep their edge, anhow. and hone (not sharpen, hone) ‘em once a week or so.

  9. Takuan says:

    like Invader Zim and his germ-viewing goggles.

    Perhaps not needed in the home, but why not the lab and slab? Don’t you hate losing a perfectly good creature to pesky, post-assembly infection? Anyone know if some pathogenic bacteria can hide from UV by spore forming?

    Seriously now folks, this is a good gadget for an old folks home kitchen.

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