Sony PSP-3000 screen has ugly interlacing issues

The only toted advantage to the PSP-3000, the latest revision in Sony's PlayStation Portable line, is its more vivid, brighter, colorful screen. Brighter and more colorful it may be, but early user reports are hovering question marks like vultures above the "vivid" claim. According to multiple users on the PlayStation forums, PSP-3000 owners are experiencing scanlines and ugly interlacing problems with a huge number of games... to the point that in a game like Disgaea (above), the PSP-3000's screen is noticeably inferior to the PSP-2000. Sony's early response? It's a "feature." Worse, there are no plans to fix it with a patch, because it's not a "feature" of the software, but of the hardware. In truth, until the PSP-3000 is hackable, there was little reason to buy one anyway. But messing up the 3000'S only advantage over more hackable models is a supreme FUBAR. PSP-3000's screen has scanlines, games have odd interlacing problems [PSP Boards via Engadget] Update: Sony Japan's full explanation:
PSP-3000 has a new LCD device with vastly improved picture quality, achieving a more natural and vivid picture than older models. By improving LCD response time to reduce ghosting, the horizontal-line phenomenon becomes more visibleā€¦ Since this is caused by hardware characteristics, there is no plan to fix it with system software update.
Personally, I'd be happier with marginally less vibrant colors.
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2 Responses to Sony PSP-3000 screen has ugly interlacing issues

  1. mattzog says:

    Someone tell Brownlee it “tout”, not “tote”. That’s twice today, and I’d hate to see him embarass himself further.


  2. CoquiELF says:

    @1: Someone please tell Brownlee it is“tout”, not “tote”.

    Respectfully x2

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