The best steampunk goggles you have ever seen (through)

Yes, this is yet another "Awesome Steampunk Fashion Accessory" post, but this one is extra-splendiferous. Mike Brown's brass goggles have the leather bolted with tiny precision-engineered rivets to the eyeglasses. The leather itself uses a special tanning process specifically devised for headwear, and the leaf-aperture mechanism is designed to last 500 years. They are not for sale. Project page [Smugmug via Wired:Gadget Lab]

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18 Responses to The best steampunk goggles you have ever seen (through)

  1. FoetusNail says:

    Looks like he used the diaphragm blades from old leica lenses.

  2. cybelle says:

    haha they are nothing.. check out atomefabriks new steampunk goggle range.. iris is my fave, oh and they ARE for sale ^__^

  3. Ghede says:

    We need someone to drive down the costs of making these. Now. TRY: MAGNETS, EXTREMELY HIGH VOLTAGE, SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY, AND STEM CELLS. If it works for mad “scientists” in fiction, it might work for you!

  4. toxonix says:

    Titanium Nitride with flat milled Photochromatic lenses??!!
    “They pretty much broke the bank.”
    No shit. Those would cost me ~$8K to make I think. I wouldn’t sell them for less than twice that.

  5. Not a Doktor says:

    Well color me jealous.

  6. Brother Phil says:


  7. David Carroll says:

    Ya call that retro?

    This is as retro as it gets! At least as far as “sunglasses” go. These are also not for sale.

  8. ridl says:

    Hooray! A bb/g steampunk post WITHOUT steampunk trolls!

    I like steampunk and it’s ok!

  9. mappo says:

    They are not for sale.

    Everything is for sale, given the right price. Just ask your mother! :)

  10. jlb says:

    This is the 1st time ive actually wanted to BUY some of this steampunk stuff. Flippin sweet-o!

  11. acb says:

    Do the leaf-aperture mechanisms actually improve visibility, or do they just look k3wl?

  12. Itsumishi says:

    Didn’t Trent Reznor wear a pair of these in the Closer film clip?

  13. Xopher says:

    Not for sale SUCKS! I totally want a pair.

  14. Mister Moofoo says:

    Yay! Steampunkiest item evah! I wish I had tons of money and time to make stuff this cool. I have to settle for hot-gluing film canisters to plastic skulls.

  15. Takuan says:

    leaf aperture mechanism = iris, dammit.

    OK, someone make a MAKE or Instructable on fashioning these from some junk camera lenses and and an old belt.

  16. Skep says:

    They are even better than you say. They are not brass, but made from a billet of light weight titanium “coated with a high tech super ceramic material known as Titanium Nitride. This is what gives them the gold color similar to brass.”

  17. Scuba SM says:

    How did they get Cory’s goggles away from him?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Seriously want to buy some goggles like these. Been looking all over the place for some kickass goggles for years on end. I’d kill for some of these.

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