Margarator MSB-585: It's a fuckin' blender

The "Margarator" is a $110 blender with a spout on the front, designed to make margaritas and other frozen drinks — and only that. While I'm sure it pulverizes ice with the best blenders, I'm a little taken aback that something so specifically tailored for one purpose exists when a perfectly good multi-purpose equivalent is likely already in the kitchens of most potential customers. But on the other hand, the MSB-585 — it's just one of many Margarators from Nostalgia Electrics! — has a car plug to let it run off DC power. Can your KitchenAid do that? (Asking "But why would I want it to?" is not allowed.) I discovered this particular model via, a strange site that exists only as an index of various margarita machines. Margarator MSB-585 catalog page []
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16 Responses to Margarator MSB-585: It's a fuckin' blender

  1. PLeblanc says:


    This device seems specifically tailored for Jimmy Buffet fans tailgating before the concert. I am able to believe that is a big enough and die hard enough audience that a car engine powered margarita blender has a profitable niche.

    If you’ve never been to a Jimmy Buffet concert, you should at least show up to tailgate to the next show near you. You may hate his music, as I do, but the parrotheads couldn’t be nicer and more fun to party with.

  2. tylersweeney says:

    my normal blender already has too many parts to clean.

  3. Waterlilygirl says:

    I got all shiny eyed and suckered into this about 2 summers ago… The pros- indestructable plastic, plugs into a car, generates a ton of excitement and envy, makes 2-3x’s the amount of a regular blender. The cons- doesn’t crush ice as well as a regular blender, a pain in the neck to wash.

    It’s great for outdoor parties and all my friends inquire if the Margarator is going to in action prior to the event. Other than that it’s a substandard oversized plastic blender. So with this product, it’s not about quality of the blending, rather, the novelty of the blending. I’m a bit of a frozen drink snob so I’ll use my Cuisinart for serious imbibing but the Margarator certainly is a show stopper.

  4. TedJohnson says:

    I was at a wedding reception recently where one of these was present. We couldn’t get it to go. There were four of five of us trying to troubleshoot whether the power cord was bad, if the A/C outlet was hot, if the extension cord worked, etc. Everybody lost interest but me. I walked the thing out to our car, and tried the DC power in the cigarette lighter. That didn’t work either. Then it occurred to me: I don’t even want a Margarita–and there was plenty of beer. I was just obsessed with making a gadget work.

    If the Karaoke machine had had any problems, I wouldn’t have lifted a finger.

  5. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    I think the spout is the best part. It allows you to pour your drink faster than having to remove the pitcher part and the lid. That’s 10 extra seconds allowing you to get drunk quicker. Other than that, it looks like a plastic POS from the pictures.

  6. huntsu says:

    you would want to for tailgating at football games.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Clearly Joel doesn’t live south of the mason-dixie line. Margaritas are a favorite here in Texas for new years, the super bowl and more – let alone the summer months. I myself am astounded that Joel is dumbfounded that someone in the south would purchase something with the same utility a fruit punch bowl would have on Long Island.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about a Martini maker for $99?

    It can’t make a SideCar or a Gin Fizz?

  9. pork musket says:

    I know someone that has a similar device that actually seemed to do a good job but it also apparently more than $300… and it shaved the ice for more of a frozen margarita, which is harder to do with a regular blender. Still, for the price and the purpose it is a bit ridiculous.

  10. mdh says:

    what #2 said, Parrotheads.

    Now THOSE people know how to have a good time.

  11. Patrick Anderson says:

    So you can offer the cop a fresh one when you’re pulled over for a DUI?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have one I got as a gift. I actually had an original that the blending cage came apart during blending and busted the parts to hell along with ruinging a bottle of mix and 500ml of tequilla. They mailed me a replacement after I informed them of the issue along with a couple other design problems. For one, the spigot leaks excessively after using (on the original and on the “new improved” version they sent). Also, when blending the liquid leaks heavily out of the top cover (despite design changes in the replacement I got). This happens even with the liquid well under the max fill line. The worse thing is that the damn POS doesn’t even blend well. You have to run the very loud unit for 2x longer than they say and still have large chunks of ice. By that time most of it is melted even when blending inside and all you have is a small layer of blended ice on top of a mixed drink. Huge POS!!!

  13. Waterlilygirl says:

    #12, did you make sure that the switch was for the DC and the lid was on and locked? It won’t work otherwise.

  14. gramiq says:

    I’ve got a blender with a spout on the side — no, not a Margarator brand, but a generic blender, with a solid glass pitcher that happens to have a spout on the side.

    It’s a pain in the ass to clean, but you can easily use it as a regular blender if you have to.

    The benefits are great though — I don’t think I would go back to a regular blender.

    Dispensing a drink is so much easier and less-messy than pouring a replacing a pitcher.

    Plus, you can keep the blender going on low-speed while you dispense, so it’s nicely blended.

    Best of all, one one side of the pitcher, the volume markings aren’t in ounces or in mililitres, but in “ice” and “liquids.”

    Perfectly mixed blender drinks, each and every time.

  15. batu b says:

    I love how this alcoholic beverage maker is targeted for…use in a car! And I don’t really say that sarcastically: it’s nice to know some taboos are still permissible in our MADD MADD world.
    That said…blended drinks? What, exactly is the appeal of this? Blended frozen drinks result in:
    Brain freeze
    Poor taste
    More difficult consumption
    Possible mess on front of shirt when you try to “drink” the last…glob.
    More difficult cleanup.

    If you serve a drink up, it maintains deliciousness for the duration. If you serve a drink on the rocks, it stays cold, and gradually dilutes the drink for a varied taste experience.

  16. royaltrux says:

    Why would someone want a 12v DC powered party-blender? Entertaining lot lizards.

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