Sunday irrelevance: ninja movie flowchart

Comcast subscribers may have noticed a surprisingly large number of ninja movies on the free on-demand movie selection of late. I have formulated a chart to help you determine which of these inexpensive productions are worth watching.
Citations follow.• Ninja Terminator (1985) • Sho Kosugi

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11 Responses to Sunday irrelevance: ninja movie flowchart

  1. TheFirstMan says:

    Wait wait WAIT. In the Ninja Terminator video, around 2:30, is that a TINY SILVER ARMLESS OVERALL-WEARING SMOKE ROBOT?!?!?!?

    I must find this movie immediately.

  2. schwal says:

    Ninja Terminator has without a doubt the worst fight scenes I have ever laid eyes on. and that was just the trailer.

    Also, the cliffs remind anyone else of Princess Bride?

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    I understand that Ninja Terminator used a lot of borrowed footage.

  4. Strange Quark Star says:

    Just two days ago I watched Ninja the Protector. Judging from the trailer of Ninja the Terminator, Protector is even worse.
    Fun Fact: the main cast and props seem to be identical in both films.

    Ending of Protector:

  5. Anonymous says:

    no way dude, ninja cheerleader has the worst fights scenes…

    except for that scene with the bear, that was pretty rad.


  6. O_P says:

    I have both Ninja Terminator and Golden Ninja Warrior on DVD. The best part is the guy with the eyebrows so large that they stick out over his mask.
    I like to call him Eyebrow Ninja.
    Sometimes his costume is camouflage, just in case Ninjas aren’t stealthy enough on their own.

  7. Freddie Freelance says:

    Mr. Kosugi & his family used to live in San Gabriel, Ca, where I used to visit his Dojo & store back in the mid-’80s; I believe he lives in Japan now, but is once again working on new Ninja movies.

  8. chef says:

    Can anybody find Ninja Thunderbolt? That has ninjas and rollerskates, and I must see this immediately.

  9. Waffles says:

    I like how this is posted under “Science”

  10. Matt Sanderson says:

    There’s no Kosugi like Sho Kosugi.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ninja Terminator, Ninja Protector, Ninjy Ninja Ninjaing Ninjas…
    Godfrey Ho produced this crap in the 80’s like he had ninja diarrhea. They are fun for awhile but amazingly you can get sick of ninjas.

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