Bandai Gun O'clock shooting target alarm clock

Even if I didn't like the Bandai "Gun O'Clock" alarm clock — and I do, because I already wake each morning with a gun in hand just in case my dog has turned into a sexy female spy cowboy who has decided to betray me after a night of whisky martini-fueled passions — I would write about it simply as an excuse to post this picture. I dare John and Rob to find a better product image anywhere. They can't. Spy cowboys trump all. And in case you want to actually buy this thing, Strapya World is taking pre-orders now for a November release. I'd put $45 on it right now if I could be sure I wouldn't mix the special infrared gun with one of the dozens of real handguns with which I sleep each night. Gun O'clock catalog page [] (Thanks, Ricardo!)
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8 Responses to Bandai Gun O'clock shooting target alarm clock

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roffles@official ad

    Because all Americans own guns.

  2. TRS NLSN HDN says:

    “Gun O’Clock” sounds like the name of a classic noir film.

  3. racerx_is_alive says:

    “I’d put $45 on it right now if I could be sure I wouldn’t mix the special infrared gun with one of the dozens of real handguns with which I sleep each night.”

    Hey, either way, the alarm is off afterwards.

  4. Scuba SM says:

    Now, whenever someone you what time it is, you have to whip out that infrared gun and say, “It’s Gun O’Clock, baby!”

  5. airship says:

    The best thing about this post is finding out I’m not the only one who sleeps with a pile of handguns. I was beginning to think I was just paranoid, but now I know I’m normal! Thanks, Joel!

  6. Waffles says:

    I’m calling that cowboy spy out on his fake beard.

  7. dculberson says:

    Waffles, either it’s a fake beard, or he’s got both the mange and jaw cancer. Poor guy either way.

  8. Downpressor says:

    Somehow this seems much more appropriate for an 8 year old rather than the on the go sarariman shown in the animation.

    BTW The top tag line says something like “shoot to stop, hard boiled wake up clock”.

    Were there any truth in advertising, it would probably be “More product to keep mama’s boy-sama single, buying urge is explosively satiated!”

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