MSI Wind adds overclocking in BIOS update

With its easy solid specs, affordable price and easy hacking and Hackintoshing, the MSI Wind continues to be a darling of netbook enthusiasts, its limerence unfaded by the usual netbook fugue that usually follows a lilliputer's release within mere weeks. A large part of that's due to MSI's smart handling of the Wind. They haven't degraded the brand Eee-style with millions of iterations. And they keep adding cool new features. The latest Wind BIOS update, 1.09, adds the ability to easily overclock the Wind while it's running. Simply press down FN and F10 at the same time and you can cycle between an eight, fifteen and twenty four percent overclocking of the Atom chip. That's just very neat. I keep on waffling undecidedly on which netbook to buy (even though, deep down, I know it barely matters) but I remain surprised at how long the Wind has remained a frontal lobe contender. MSI Wind BIOS 1.09 [MSI]
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi There… You might want to update this post as you can’t cycle between 8, 15 and 24% overclocks by pressing Fn+F10 – the overclock % must be set in the bios before booting your OS.

    Refer my guide here – and yes you should buy a Wind!

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