We attack Caturday, pass it on

Good news from the Malabar front: Puppies will fit, too! Cat Play House [Drinkstuff via RGS]

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11 Responses to We attack Caturday, pass it on

  1. dove says:

    must… resist… recruiting… cat army!!!!

  2. Gary61 says:

    “Mice spotted at 270 degrees, all units, pivot right and attack!”

  3. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    “We attack Caturday, pass it on”.

  4. KanedaJones says:

    No longer will my country use dollar store toys as our millitary armoury, the SRK (Socialist Republic of Kat) will have FULL sized tanks!

    yay for me.


  5. chef says:





    Let’s have a kittenwar (.com)

  6. Rob Beschizza says:

    Frank in Virginia wins the comments! Other commenters may now shake their fists at him.

  7. technogeek says:

    Of course you could homebrew this sort of thing. I built a multiroom “castle” for my cat out of a set of small moving boxes taped together with passageways cut between them.

    Though I must admit that the thing she was most pleased by was the compartment I lined with one of my old terrycloth bathrobes. “Warm, comfortable, smells like my human.”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just the thing for “Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds.”

  9. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    Thanks Rob!

  10. loganbouchard says:

    “he Shellack Caturday, pass it on.”

  11. MissAnthropy says:

    “Desert Cat” is on the move…

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