The clock of a thousand gears... well, okay, fifty

Homeloo's Jumbo Gear Clock is like a clock that has exploded with the bloating of its own horological guys: more than 50 gears are exposed, churning and grinding their teeth together in a beautifully intricate contraption that takes the Rube Goldberg connotations of even the simplest wound watch to its inevitable extremity. Quite cheap for all those gears too: only $78. Homeloo Jumbo Gear Clock [Homeloo via Technabob]
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3 Responses to The clock of a thousand gears... well, okay, fifty

  1. airship says:

    Finally! A huge mass of exposed gears that actually DOES something! Take a cue, Steampunk fans!

  2. Luc says:

    Meh, ornamental gears that serve no function inadequately celebrate the beauty of technology.

  3. dculberson says:

    Even from the small pic, it’s obvious that the large center gear and the twelve gears around the edge have no function; even if they do turn it’s from being activated by a gear behind them. They don’t have anything meshed with them.

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