Yamaha training instrument trumpets its way to success

Yamaha's EZ-TP Electronic Teaching Trumpet is quite costly, at $370, but models valves, transcribes your work to MIDI format and comes with a range of built-in teaching tools. You can even download songs to it and play them back with any of the included 22 "instruments." In preparation for writing this post, further amusing metaphors based on the idea of "trumpeting" were devised, but we thought it best to spare you. The example video is a lot more bizarre than you expect it will be. Electronic Trumpet Yamaha P181 [Japan Trend Shop via Slippery Brick]

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5 Responses to Yamaha training instrument trumpets its way to success

  1. devophill says:

    That’s a very cool instrument. Do want.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    I can imagine this being a fantastic tool to nail down tracks in the right sort of software — reason, etc.

  3. roguecnidarian says:

    $370 is actually really cheap for a trumpet —- that’s probably about the price you’d pay for a tough trumpet for an elementary student! A good trumpet can be $1-2k, easily (Wynton plays one that’s over $100k!), and trumpets are among the cheapest of instruments; French Horns and woodwinds are much more expensive.

    That is a really sweet price for a really cool instrument. It’s much harder to digitise a trumpet than a stringed instrument.

    Seriously, that’s a great price, and it’d be easier for me to digitise audio with that than a keyboard.

  4. JPW says:

    Sorry but Jon Hassell has been trumping this trumpet with his own synth-enhanced playing for decades. . . .

  5. Anonymous says:


    Pretty sure you don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes $370 is very cheap for a trumpet, but I can assure you now that Wynton’s trumpet is not worth $100k, or anything near it. At last check he plays on a highly customized Monette that Dave and the team built to his spec. If you were ever able to purchase the horn he has, which you can’t, you’d be up for MAYBE $15-20k, no more.

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