Green Beetle RealBug Mouse contains insect carapace

The Green Beetle RealBug Mouse is a bog standard USB optical mouse with the shimmering emerald carapace of a real, dead beetle frozen in the acrylic like an insect trapped in amber. Something of a missed opportunity, though. The pun is obvious: it should really contain the dessicated mummy of a rodent, eyes bulging, yellow incisors exposed $19.95. Green Beetle RealBug Mouse [Scientifics Online via Red Ferret]
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2 Responses to Green Beetle RealBug Mouse contains insect carapace

  1. huntsu says:

    will it really decay? Looks like it won’t if it’s encased in acrylic.

  2. Not a Doktor says:

    Butterflies on pin seem to hold up quite well over time.

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