Coldcut's remix of Doctor Who vs. other sinister BBC theme tune classics

Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music lauds Coldcut's remix of the Doctor Who theme tune. He correctly identifies it as the runner-up for best thing to ever come out of the BBC, second only to the BBC World News' theme tune, "The Rave at the Dawn of the Apocalypse," a common cut of which follows... The Beeb actually has a long history of bad-ass theme tunes. Following is "Approaching Menace," the scary theme tune to Mastermind, a quiz show modeled on Nazi interrogation techniques. Other wonders from the radiophonic workshop at CDM: Doctor Who: Coldcut Remix and Celebrating the BBC [Create Digital Music]

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14 Responses to Coldcut's remix of Doctor Who vs. other sinister BBC theme tune classics

  1. svenmoose says:

    I do love Coldcut, I’ve seen them destroy a few venues in the past, mixing the most unlikely tunes etc but I have to agree with ZUZU, the Orbital remix is in a different league, beautiful production and makes me want to jump up every time :D

  2. Smapdi says:

    I agree, Orbital’s version is much more raveable. It’s very heart pounding. Yes I have bad grammar and make up word.

  3. gretagretchen says:

    What about the KLF (as the Timelords) and their classic Dr. Who / Rock n Roll mashup?

  4. tcterrified says:

    ColdCUT, not Coldplay, right?

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    Oops. Was just listening to Coldplay and had typorrhea. Fixed.

  6. TooGoodToCheck says:

    So, is there a longer version of the BBC news theme? Or is that it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always felt the theme to “The Tomorrow People” was rather overlooked.

    Not BBC (Thames/ITV) and not nearly as catchy as Dr Who but possibly trippier.

  8. edgore says:

    Thank god…I would hate to have to admit that Coldplay ever did anything good. Crisis averted.

  9. Rob Beschizza says:

    There are about 40 different mixes of it on YouTube.

  10. hohum says:

    Orbital’s version is definitely hot, but I’m liking what Coldcut did around 4:30 through the end there…

  11. iRoy says:

    Ah if you’re going to drop in the Bill Bailey joke about the BBC News theme least link the right vid:

    “The Rave at the Dawn of the Apocalypse”

    Now we just need a mash-up between Coldcut and Orbital’s Dr Who themes:

    Or find the Adrian Sherwood remix…

  12. zuzu says:

    I still think Orbital did it better.

    Anyone who’s never heard Cold Krush Cuts is missing out though.

  13. zuzu says:

    That Bill Bailey video makes me think of the end of the episode of Spaced where the rave guy is dancing to the car alarm. This was the closest to that joke I could find.

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