Halloween OS X Finder Pillows

Just in time for Halloween, a Pickett-style mash of monstrously anthropomorphized Finder.apps in four flavors: Dracula, Pumpkinhead, Ghost and Frankenstein. These are really cute: it actually makes me wish the Finder.app face changed on holidays as an OS X easter egg. OS X Halloween Pillows [Etsy]
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2 Responses to Halloween OS X Finder Pillows

  1. registradus says:

    remember when beyond dark castle changed its into animation on holidays?? That was great! I don’t think I’ve had any other program wish me merry christmas since…

  2. A New Challenger says:


    Feel The Magic on DS wished me a Merry Christmas they day I got it, and a Happy New Year. I think it greets you on your birthday as well.

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