Paul Spooner's Amorous Automaton (SFW)

This video of Paul Spooner's Enchanting World of Automata starts out good, then gets better. From The Automata Blog:
Automata also have a long history of more adult themes -- and sometimes in conjunction with the more respectable subjects. For example, there are many pocket watch automata that show a simple, tasteful scene on the watch face.
Not this one! The Enchanting World of Automata, Paul Spooner

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3 Responses to Paul Spooner's Amorous Automaton (SFW)

  1. technogeek says:

    Cue PCQ Bach’s quodliebet which crosses “She’s upstairs dressing, she’ll be down in a jiffy” with “Look, her face could launch a thousand ships” to yield “A look up her dress could launch a thousand ships.”

  2. themindfantastic says:

    This was too cute for words… the punchline was priceless…

  3. TedJohnson says:

    The humpin’ bunnies are not nearly as funny as the suitor, who looks up the dancer’s skirt when her head is turned, and looks away when she is facing him. Sometime his timing is off, and he’s caught in the act. I know the feeling. Keep strumming and act innocent.

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